Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guild Wars 2: Beginners Guide (Character Creation) - Written by a Noob

I am so not dead yet. Just cos I haven't written on my blog for more than a month don't mean I'm dead. I was busy with Uni exams... exams are the sin of this world... Not that you care anyway. You're more interested in the title ay?

Yes I recently started playing Guild Wars 2, and I tell ya, it is sooo much fun! Easily one of the best MMORPGs I've ever played!! Hell, probably the best I've played.

Anywho as the title states I shall be writing a quick Beginners Guide to Guild Wars 2. It's written by a noob, as I haven't even got a Character higher than level 20. But this guide is for the beginner, beginners. For those who've yet to buy the game.

Now first thing's first, once you've bought the game, installed it and created your account. It's time to move to the server select. Pick a server that's right for you. I'm an aussie, so I always picked the Oceanic server, but wait, there is no Oceanic server! This means you pick the Pseudo-Aussie server (aka the Unofficial Oceanic Server). Sea of Sorrows is full, so do a little but of research and find the server that's right for you.

Now onto the more important parts.