Sunday, 25 March 2012

145 Citadel Paints?

Since I've been having fun for my birthday, I never actually bothered to keep tabs on Games Workshop this week. Until now. I just realised Games Workshop released 145 Paints!! 145!! That's a bloody huge amount and a bloody huge amount of colours. And the funny thing is, I actually see the difference in colour. So far it does not appear to be those dreadful idea of colours i.e. The difference between say a Blue and Light Blue is a TINY gradient of white or something like there. There is actually a difference and you see it. Good choice Games Workshop. That's the only major plus I've seen from you since you started jacking up the price!!

Once I get a handle of my time management (got assignments due this week), I'll (re)begin work on my Luna Wolves, this time possibly using the Citadel Layer: White Scar. I'm really gonna enjoy those Citadel Layers. Also the Citadel Dry :D

Seeing as how I'm more a painter than a gamer, I truly must say I'm quite ecstatic over the release of 145 Paints. Not all will be useful, just a couple here and there.

Taken from the "Games Workshop" website (

Monash University: Week 4

Ok these posts are getting shorter and shorter as I begin to fall into the "bugger I got Uni tomorrow mentality." Everything is beginning to feel like a chore. I'm still gonna rock up to Lectures, Tutes and whatnot - I care more about my education than I do about anything else... LIKE my BIRTHDAY!!! Hell my 18th and I decided to rock up to Uni for my programming lecture. And I partly regret that. Should've taken the day off to relax instead of work my arse off. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

 Actually, there isn't really much to say about Uni. Nothing exciting has happened so far. It's all beginning to fall into the same thing each week. Least, it began Last week and continued this week. Any bets week 5 will be just like week 3, only with a different topic.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What Mech would you like to see in MechWarrior: Online?

As the title says really. What Mech would you want to see in MechWarrior: Online? Yes I know, perhaps I should leave this on the forums, but you know what? I can explain why I want to see a certain Mech. Or just blabber on randomly.

The 2 Mechs I would love to see are the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and the Nova Cat. I truly can't believe I forgot about the Mad Cat. It was only today when my mate reminded me of it. His favourite Mech is the Mad Cat MK2 with its Guass Rifles, LRM-10s and Medium Lasers and very odd for an Assault Class Mech, Jump Jets. Truly that's the first time I've ever seen an Assault Mech have Jump Jets. But it is powerful. For me however, I prefer the classic Mad Cat (or Timber Wolf, same difference). If we can get a hold of this Mech, I'll be spending my C-bills to make the Pryde configuration. It's got some kick at both long and short ranges... and Jump Jets to boot. The other configuration I'll take/make is the Alt. Config. H.

The Nova Cat would be quite enjoyable to play too. Afterall, who doesn't like a barbecue? No really, melt that Mech with your huge array of Lasers. Tho heat will really be a massive issue. Still, if they offer both, I'll be picking the Mad Cat. It's my favourite Mech :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monash University: Week 3

Right, perhaps a little. But I have been busy. Finishing off my assignments for one, playing Mass Effect 3 for another and also got my birthday to sort out (coming Thursday). This week's review is a short one. This week has redeeming factors for FIT1039. The people in there are becoming more and more friendly and talkative. Less people being shy and it's no longer a one-sided conversation!! Finally, I hate doing all the talking and feel like I'm being ignored haha. Also the work is becoming fun! Which is always a plus.

The other 3 subjects I'm indifferent about. Not much to actually say about them actually. It's sort of like "another week at uni" mentality. Still I prefer uni to high school. Not many people can cope with such freedom, but hey, time management is key!! Or at least being well organised, something I'm (surprisingly) good at haha!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Registered my name in MechWarrior: Online

As the title suggests, I have now finally registered my name for MechWarrior: Online (and about time too). Just a note, don't wait a very long time before you register your name, someone has now take the name Thaddeus and Sgt Thaddeus I believe. Tho I don't blame you, it is an awesome name! So I went to my fallback name Varro Thaddeus. Very fitting name for a pilot I say.

Anywho, really can't wait for this game! Been waiting for a Mech game for ages (got my love of Mechwarrior from my dad haha)! If things go my way, me and my friends will be able to form a Clan/Lance. That way we should be able to allocate roles for each of us! Can't wait! This shall be good. For me, it's either a Medium, Heavy or an Atlas (my favourite Mech for some strange reason).

Edit: I actually would really love to pilot a Catapult. A heavily modified one such as the CPLT-H2 and the CPLT-K4 Variants. That way it can switch into the Defensive role I wish to play. Tho then again, I could take the Assault (or Artillery if me and my friends organise our "prefect" team) and have someone defend me. Now that'll be kinda cool haha :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Monash University: Week 2

Right another week, and another review kind of thing. Second week of Uni ain't so bad. Though I'm beginning to succumb to that mentality they keep talking about; "First week all students will be quite excited. By third week they'll feel that Uni is becoming chore." I'm still gonna keep on going, hell I'm paying to learn and that's what I expect. Just that excitement is lost.

FIT1004; is as boring as usual, still not fond of the Lecturer. To me it appears she just reads off the slide, there really is no "new" information I need to write down. Basically if I just pre-read the Lecture notes, then I'll already know everything there is to know about that Lecture. Nothing new to be added besides mundane examples.

FIT1039; I really quite enjoy. The Lecture is quite entertaining still. And hey! If I tweet my coffee order the Lecturer will get it!! It's awesome! Too bad I don't have a Twitter account... I'll get round to making that... The Tutorial however is absolutely dreadful and boring. Worst Tute/Lab out of all the subjects. Namely due to the shoddy internet (though there are other factors). Which leads me to another note. Uni appears to hate under 18 year olds. They refuse to allow access to any of us. Which absolutely sucks!! I understand why to a certain degree. But I hate it. Makes me feel discriminated against.

FIT1038; I have nothing to talk about but FIT1002 is surprisingly entertaining. Who ever thought programming would be quite fun!? The idea that there's 50+ ways to right a code (think that's the name, can't quite recall) for something entirely random is really quite appealing. There is no right or wrong (unless you right the code for something that isn't needed). I find it quite entertaining.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Armour Collection 1)

Right lately I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur and doing my (cursed) assignments. So that's been eating up my Warhammer time. Did paint some Necron Imortals, tho I have yet to finish them (namely gun and eyes). So I thought, since I began making an "Armour Collection" on my DA account, I thought I'd start one here too. Least transfer it to here anyway. I'm only making this as I play, so don't expect every armour to appear here.

Male Almain in Iron Armour

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Monash University: Week 1

Each week I must have at least 1 post on Uni. Sort of like a review on each of my weeks. Least that's what I assume. All I have to talk about is; what was that week like, any likes or dislikes etc.

So, my 1st week of Uni, it was fun yet stressful. I've already got 2 assignments, 1 of which I have very little idea of what to do. The fun part of Uni is making new friends. I came to Monash Caulfield with no friends (i.e. all my friends went to the Clayton Campus leaving me with no one). The new friends I made are great group of dudes and dudettes. What more can I say? They are awesome people who passed the "Awesome Test" (the Awesome Test being a judgment to see if I find them to be awesome).

Onto the Lectures. FIT1004's Lecture is quite boring to tell the truth. The Lecturer speaks with a, heavy-ish accent, which I find hard to understand. Though the Tutorial is quite a joy. FIT1039 is quite an enjoyable subject to be in. It's what got me to create this blog. Also, what's not to like about "creating" websites? The Lecturer is quite an interesting person, a very good public speaker. Least he can keep me entertained long enough to stay awake till the Lecture is over haha. Yes, I should not speak ill of him, seeing as how he will be reading this haha. This is my homework and he has to check it.

FIT1002 is quite interesting. I remain neutral on this, since the Lecturer seems knowledgeable, but perhaps not a likable person. Give me time and perhaps I'll dislike him haha. I chose FIT2001 for reasons unknown. Thought I could do a 2nd year subject, but of course, I'm too dumb for anything taught in that class. So Monash allowed me to switch, and I must say, the Uni really helps when a student needs to assistance. Though it may be because I'm a first year student and they go out of their way to assist us.

Right, now I gotta go find someway to get this blog to my Lecturer, and I have no clue where and how.

And We Are Live!

Thaddues here, or rather, SGT-Thaddeus to those who know me through my deviantART (DA) page... account... thing. So if you see images (by me) on both here and on DA, no need to report anything. We are the same person.

Now, why did I create a blog? Well because, believe it or not, it's my homework. I kid you not, it is my homework to create a blog, and maintain it for approximately 12 weeks. And so I shall, and I shall continue to maintain and continue this blog for sometime. After all, it keeps me from being lazy. Meaning, I now have to keep painting so I can try to have at least 1 post per week.

So to begin my 1st post, I shall show off my best painted miniature. This is my 2nd attempt at painting white, or rather white armour. I still got a lot of practice to go, but I'm really proud of this (apologies for the lack of base).