Thursday, 22 November 2012

Guild Wars 2: Beginners Guide (Character Creation) - Written by a Noob

I am so not dead yet. Just cos I haven't written on my blog for more than a month don't mean I'm dead. I was busy with Uni exams... exams are the sin of this world... Not that you care anyway. You're more interested in the title ay?

Yes I recently started playing Guild Wars 2, and I tell ya, it is sooo much fun! Easily one of the best MMORPGs I've ever played!! Hell, probably the best I've played.

Anywho as the title states I shall be writing a quick Beginners Guide to Guild Wars 2. It's written by a noob, as I haven't even got a Character higher than level 20. But this guide is for the beginner, beginners. For those who've yet to buy the game.

Now first thing's first, once you've bought the game, installed it and created your account. It's time to move to the server select. Pick a server that's right for you. I'm an aussie, so I always picked the Oceanic server, but wait, there is no Oceanic server! This means you pick the Pseudo-Aussie server (aka the Unofficial Oceanic Server). Sea of Sorrows is full, so do a little but of research and find the server that's right for you.

Now onto the more important parts. 

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chaos Space Marine Codex in Hand!!

My beautiful cat Mia, reading the new Chaos Space Marine Codex.
As the title says, I have recently got my hands on the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. The Codex is released on the 6 of October, and in Australia, we're in the future!! Yes that was a time joke...

Now anyway, the new Codex is absolutely amazing!! It's similar the the 3rd Edition Codex. Similar with awesome new stuff!! Like Mutilators who are just BEAST!! There have been a few nerfs like Obliterators having only S4 and T4. But otherwise everything is all good. Daemon Princes don't come with their standard 3+ armour save (just think the Chaos Daemons Codex in terms of Daemon Prince, but much more stronger).

The Codex also does one fantastic thing. If you want a dedicated army (i.e. Khorne/Slaanesh/Nurgle/Tzeentch army) you can. Nearly every infantry unit can take a Mark of Chaos, including Obliterators. Admittedly it can be a waste of points, but if you're sticking strictly to a theme (like World Eaters army where everything must take the Mark of Khorne) then you can, even if it's a waste giving an Obliterator the Mark of Khorne.

Points cost has gotten cheaper all round, however if you upgrade them to become a beast!! then well, things get super expensive.

Also, there are no more Chaos Dreadnoughts. The Dreadnought has basically been replaced with the Hellbrute [Insert Troll Flame]. But you know what, screw you trolls, it's actually pretty cool. It's basically exactly like the old Chaos Dreadnought, and even suffers from Crazed!! But wait, there's more!! Crazed only happens when the Hellbrute takes a Penetrating/Glancing hit and is not destroyed. So it only becomes crazed when it gets hurt!! And It doesn't even shoot your own allies!! Or harm them!! It is now a viable unit!! Even if it can be glanced to death, who cares? It's still viable!!

Also, rumours are true about the Chaos Boons Table. Just think Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer Fantasy. And it you roll two 6s on a D6. Say hello to a Daemon Prince. And for every Champion who rolls this result, they too will become a Daemon Prince (if you're real lucky).

Anywho, there's more to say, but I ain't gonna say more (I still have to read it, then re-read then re-read again... etc.).

Got any questions, ask em in the comments section and I'll see what I can do to answer them (I will not answer anything about Points cost however, and anything else that I deem shouldn't be answered). But I'll try to answer everything ;)

But anywho, seriously, buy the Chaos Space Marine Codex. It is so worth it!! Much more worth while than buying the rumoures Dark Angel Codex anyway... Chaos are much more trustworthy than Lion El Johnson... After all, he could've saved the Emperor if he didn't slow down his vessel...

Friday, 28 September 2012

Forge World: Horus Heresy Releases

As the title says. I was surfing the net and it was only today I noticed that Forge World has released the Horus Heresy Book 1 for sale (

From what I can see, there are no "Advance Orders" whatsoever, which means you can order and receive the book whenever it arrives without a worry.

In addition, the first of the Primarchs is also up for orders!! Angron of the World Eaters has been released. You can also get him without needing to wait for Advance Orders or Pre-Orders, least I can't find it saying anything about Advance Orders (

Personally I'm waiting for both Leman Russ and Horus himself. Tho I might get Angron for my 40k World Eaters army. I've got a few conversions that I'm currently doing (a Havok Squad). However I'm also waiting to get my hands on the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. That way I know what to actually arm them. Also so I can build some Khorne Berzerkers (I'm not too sure if I ACTUALLY have to arm them with axes so that they may pass the "WYSIWYG" test [What you see if what you get]). Cos that's being really pedantic if I have to arm them Chain Axes. With Chain Axes: Does that mean Khorne Berzerkers armed with a Chainsword cannot use a Khornate Chain Axe?

Saturday, 22 September 2012

(AWESOME) Chaos Space Marine Release

Games Workshop have just released (via their website) a whole host of Chaos Miniatures PLUS the new Chaos Codex!! I'm sooo relieved it's Chaos getting their Codex and not crappy, shitty, evil, untrustworthy Dark Angels.

Anywho, enough of me blatantly showing my hatred for Dark Angels and trolling them. Time to check out the Chaos Models.

On Games Workshop's Advance Orders ( are: Actually, instead of listing them. How about you just click the link.

Now you can listen to (more appropriately to read) me rant on some of my favourite stuff from the Advance Orders :)

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Games Day Australia 2012

Taken from Games Workshop's Website

Just got back from Sydney, and I tell you, it was perhaps the best holiday I've had ever!! Mainly due to Games Day Australia. It twas a brilliant event where I got to meet some awesome people, name Jes Goodwin, Jeremy Vetock and Henry Zou (apologies if I spelt their names wrong, never been good with spelling names/surnames). This was actually my first ever Games Day, so it was a nice experience. The Forge World store saw a huge amount of action (spent an hour there including the queue). The Black Library Section was also awesome, and I picked up 2 out of the 3 Posters. I would've loved to have grabbed the 3rd, but it was sold out just before I arrived.

10min after I bought the 2 posters, they were sold out. Each poster was signed by their respective artist too.

The Forge World products I picked up were of fantastic quality, I picked up no miscasts so far. A little warping, but that's cos of the packaging. It's funny, that the quality at Games Day is much better then that when ordered. Good news, I now have the parts to enact my plan, to collect a World Eaters Warband. The army list can be found over at my deviantArt

Check out the images I took of the Armies on Parade, some boards were overdone (like the Deathwatch one) others fantastic, like the Carcharodons army. It was the Carcharodons board which stole my vote, too bad they didn't win.

These were the only good photos. The rest were taken with shaky hands. I tell you, don't eat the food there... EVER!! It was horrible! After one bite I felt sick and had food poisoning. Nurgle might've got his lapdogs to poison it...

So basically that day, I just didn't bother eating anything till dinner (I skipped breakfast to make it there early and wound up being the [approximately] 400th person there).

Monday, 27 August 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur (Weapon Collection) 1 - The Longbow

Well, seeing as how I did an Kingdoms of Amalur (Armour Collection) - which is still not finished - I thought I might start on a Weapon Collection. One of all the rare weapons that I have found one of my many playthroughs. Remember, for me, trying to acquire each of these rare weapons is by chance. So if I come across them, then I'll take a screenshot.

Anyway, to start with, here are some rare Longbows that I have encountered on my Dokkalfar Rogue.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Heresy-Era Sons of Horus

As per my previous post, I mentioned something about me and collecting Sons of Horus. With rumours of a new Chaos Space Marine Codex and with Forge World announcing their Horus Heresy Books, I figured; forget the Luna Wolves, it's time to collect something with a bit more flair, and go with their changed name/colours.

The Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus are perhaps one of my favourite Legions (specially cos of their story and the Horus Heresy novels). So what I reckon, is that I shall be collecting the Sons of Horus,11th Company. As far as I know, the Sons of Horus have 25 Companies, with about half of them with their own story and fluff. So I thought it be much more fun to create my own story and fluff in relation to some of the un-named companies, hence the 11th Company.

But hey, you probably don't care about anything that I'm saying, instead you want to see pics. So here they are:

Warhammer 40K: Dark Vengeance Advance Orders are up

Image from the Warhammer 40K: Dark Vengeance Starter Set

The new 6th Edition Starter set for Warhammer 40K has just been released. However I am slightly disappointed with it. I don't mind the idea of Dark Angels vs Chaos Space Marines (Chaos should win of course), however the set is completely unbalanced. Look, we've got on the Dark Angels side; 10 Tactical Marines with a Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon and the Sergeant has a Plasma Pistol, 5 Terminators with an Assault Cannon, 3 Ravenwing Bikes (or whatever the hell their names are) with a Plasma Gun/Plasma Pistol and 3 HQs!!! All Chaos have is a Dreadnought look-a-like, 6 Possessed and 10 Guardsman (actually Chaos Cultists, but they still have paper-thin armour).

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Sorry for the lack of postage...

Really sorry for the lack of posts. Hell it has been a heck of a long time since I last posted something. So guess what!? I'm still alive and kicking! Not dead yet. Tho it is true I've been inactive on both my deviantART and my blog.

Anyway, my humblest apologies. The truth is that I've been concentrating on uni (I'm hearing someone scream out bull****). Right so actually I've just been waiting patiently for ebay products to arrive. Products as in parts for my Heresy-Era Terminators and some other extra parts for some MKV Squads.

Yes, I shall be "attempting" some MKV Power Armour Conversions. And you read that right. So MKV? Why MKV? Luna Wolves never had access to MKV Power Armour. Well, the Luna Wolves have been scrapped for another Legion Army. I'll give you a hint; read the rumours on the Legions that shall be appearing in Forge World's Horus Heresy Books. Also read the rumours of the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. Sooner or later you'll see what Legion I shall be collecting ;)

Sunday, 29 July 2012

One of Forge World's most exciting releases!

I tell you, Forge World has released a teaser video that was shown at Games Day Chicago. To sum it all up, the rumours were true. Forge World will be releasing the Horus Heresy book. As in, think Imperial Armour but all about the Horus Heresy.

This means patience, cos I dunno what will be in the ruleset. So I dunno what to collect to (and which army). I'm still thinking Luna Wolves cos I love painting white, but will there be rules for the Luna Wolves/Sons of Horus? Will I even be able to use the Luna Wolves in a battle?

Surprisingly, this news has had a lot of trolls. I dunno why really. Apparently they're not getting their Xenos love and so they hate this release? The Horus Heresy is one of the most iconic battles of Warhammer 40k. It's about time they entered this market! Oh well Xenos trollers, you will be saving your wallet, whilst the rest of us have an AWESOME time (oh and we'll be murdering our wallet at the same time)!

Note: The I only got wind of this fantastic news via Games Workshop "What's New Today".

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves Army List Ideas

As per the title. I've got 2 Army Lists from 2 different Codexes. The first is from Codex: Space Wolves and the other is from Codex: Space Marines. Truth be told, I dunno which Codex would suit Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves. If rumours are true, then I'm even considering the new (6th Edition) Codex: Chaos Space Marines.

Supposedly the rumours state that Chaos Space Marines will have something akin to "The Eye of the Gods" which would grant bonuses to those who win Challenges. This doesn't sound like Luna Wolves at all (more like Pre-Heresy Word Bearers). Yet the Codex will supposedly have Chaos Space Marines with Bolter, Bolt Pistol and Close Combat Weapon, which from my understanding, is the exact armament of (almost) all the Legions. In addition they can take a squad of 20 which is normally the average squad size of most Legions.

If you restrict yourself to taking certain units then you can have a pretty decent representation of the Legions. Some units such as the Khorne Berserkers (who are rumoured to supposedly have Rage and an AP5 Weapon) can represent allied World Eaters or within justification an elite/veteran unit of the Luna Wolves (or any Legion for that matter).

But then again, we gotta wait for the Codex to be released first. I hope it's soon, and I hope Chaos Dreadnoughts lose that stupid Crazed rule. Also I hope they can take 2 Twin-Linked Autocannons.

Here's the Army List now:

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron (Gallery 1)

 I dunno how to caption videos so just watch the video above on Fall of Cybertron. It displays the awesome single player campaign and MULTIPLAYER CUSTOMISATION!!!

I did say I was gonna do a Gallery on all the Transformers from Fall of Cybertron. Note it is most likely incomplete seeing as how the website hasn't released all the Transformers in the game. But here they are!

Monash's crap timetabling skills!!

Seriously, Monash has a severe issue with their timetabling service. They can never seem to get it right. It's just a big MASSIVE FAIL!! I had to drop the subjects that I WANTED to avoid a f***ing 12 hour day. And that is a 12 hour day WITHOUT breaks!! And I kid you not, that's what my timetable was!!

Monash's staff want to make sure that their students timetable are ethically and physically correct so that students will always be ready to learn. Yeah load of bull!! A 12 hour day without breaks? How is that physically doable? How can you be in tip top condition to learn when there are no breaks? Lectures? Really you can sleep in Lectures or skip them? Mate, I came to Monash to LEARN!! Something that I actually want to do.

But I can't. Had to drop my subjects and change em so I could learn. Or at least, be in tip top condition to learn.

Now I have to say something good about Monash, otherwise, they could kick me out or something. So what is there good to say about Monash? My new current timetable is doable. And at least I'm able to change it...

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron

You know what? I've always been a big fan of Transformers. I grew up watching and loving the Transformers series. Tho I'm not one of those G1 Fans. I never grew up with that. And it's the ONE Transformers series I've never watched. I actually grew up watching Beast Wars, then Robots In Disguise then every other series to be produced. My favourite has to be Beast Wars and the latest series Prime. I tell you, Prime series is actually really, really good. There are some size issues (Arcee) and annoying characters (Miko) but otherwise, a really good series with a cool story.

Friday, 29 June 2012

6th Edition Thoughts (One day before 6th Edition Release)

Right so 6th Edition is literally just around the corner. And I've read a lot about the massive changes via some other blogs, forums and from those videos by Games Workshop (tho they seriously have to turn down the volume of the music). I'm afraid of the change, but also welcome it. So far, it appears to be much, much better than 5th Edition. So, here are my thoughts based on what's flying around the internet and the White Dwarf.

Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves (WIP) 1

As seen on my deviantART:

Well, now that horrendous uni is over, I can finally begin work on my project. About time too! I've been looking to do a new Space Marine army for some time. An army with awesome characters (to tell some form of a narrative battle) and with a white colour scheme. And Luna Wolves fit the bill. Tho they might also be Star Phantoms. I really can't decide which Legion or Chapter to choose. And with 6th Edition coming out tomorrow, I really can't decide.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

MechWarrior Theory

Right so whilst reading some MechWarrior: Online Forums, I see that there has been a fair amount of questions regarding the Medium Weight Mechs; "How is the Medium mech supposed to fair against other weight classes?"

Well I shall give a general answer here. I shall also discuss a theory as to what each weight class mech is generally designed for. Note: These are all in my opinion and all theory. Also all I've read in that forum topic is the OP haha

Friday, 1 June 2012

Awesome Lego Space Marines

I don't mind giving (free) advertisement to things that I personally like. Really like anyway. Yes I am basically a big kid, but hey, Lego's cool. It helps build your imagination, something where in this world only exists in the minds of very little people. And note, I am not one of those people, I consider myself in-between both extremes. You'll have to take my word for it.

But anyway, onto more important (and cooler) matters, there's a thing called Lego Space Marines down on the internet (and no, not in relation to Game Workshop's Warhammer 40K Space Marines).

Monday, 28 May 2012

Monash University: Week 12

Last week of uni for this semester!! The week was partly useful, mostly useless. Everything about exams I already knew, "Answer all multiple choice questions, there's a 1/4 chance of it being correct." etc. Yeah learnt all that in high school for VCE.

Otherwise, I shall be gone for several weeks. Gonna be studying!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monash University: Week 11

Another late post, but blame Monash and their assignments. Love how they all decide "OMG it's almost at the end of the semester! CRAP!! They still have assignments to do, and I forgot to hand them out! Here's the assignment students, get it done in a week."

Least, it feels like that anyway. Got waaaay too many assignments in too little a time. I would've expected them to actually manage time properly and give us the assignments over the semester. Like, just don't give assignments in a few weeks before semester's end. A couple weeks prior would be the more intelligent approach. But oh well, since when do Lecturer's/Teachers care much about students and their stress.

Talk about stress, I withdrew - albeit late - from FIT1038. It's bloody ridiculous my group members. Ok the assignment for that class is done over the whole semester. And should be done bit by bit. Instead ALL of my group members decided to take a 6 week holiday without notifying myself or my mate. That forced us 2 to do all the work, whilst they mooch the answers off us without us being able to do anything. This ended at the point he withdrew (at the right time too). I made the dumb idea to stay, up until the point they decided to rock up in week 9 and 10 EXPECTING all the work to be done for them. When they realised no work has been done FOR them, they decide to disregard my times (my Lecture and Tutor times) by demanding reschedules so they we could meet up. Mate, I actually ATTEND my Lectures and Tutes. I actually CARE about my study, so don't expect me to leave my classes just for you.

Seriously, temptation to name them here is extremely high. Defacing them is something that I would quite enjoy (in the sense of ruining their reputation and showing the world that these 2 students are terrible students and workmates). Only reason I do not, is because of privacy acts etc. and all that legal crap.

My word of advice, don't bother doing FIT1038. You may end up with pathetic team who expect YOU to do ALL the work for them.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Monash University: Week 10

I must say, each week there is less and less people rocking up. No surprise there, Lecturers aren't exactly the most fun types of people (POD withstanding). Seriously, 3 out of the 4 Lecturers drone on and on about their chosen class. Some of this info is basically read off from the slide, nothing new, nothing to note down. By their attitude I feel as if they're just teaching for money. Like in their minds "I'm here only for the money." Tho that's 3 out of the 4, which proves to me, there are some Lecturers who enjoy being Lecturers and enjoy what they do.

Tho still, I remember complaining about teachers back in the day. Guess as students we all find something to complain about, perhaps just to kill the boredom? Or just as a force of habit, whatever :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

How right was I!

Haha whoo!! How right was I?! How right was I?! Told ya BattleMech 10 was gonna be a medium! Didn't know which tho. Partly excited about seeing the Cicada, but partly disappointed. It's not my first choice of medium that's for sure. Tho that's just my opinion, high chance of seeing me pilot a Centurion instead, more firepower and armour. Tho it does lack speed...

No matter, loving the little stories that come with each release of the BattleMechs. Next Mech will be Heavy then Assault. I hope to see nearly the full arsenal of Mechs in this game!! Just like the massive amount of Mechs in MechWarrior 4. Tho I really do hope they get the balancing issue down. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to unique and individual Mechs in matches and just see everyone piloting the same thing. I shall trust the devs tho, they must know what they're doing!!

Read the cool little story about BattleMech10 here.

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MechWarrior IV

MechWarior IV: Mercenaries. Seriously a fun and fantastic game!! Truly fantastic! And for a year 2000 game, the graphics are topnotch! Would love to see a remake of this (with better graphics and more Mechs). Actually, would love to see a remake of the 1st game with better graphics only :)

Only recently got this installed (as stated in my Monash University: Week 9 blog post). I have all the Mechs thanks to mektek. Tho installing was a BITCH! No really, mektek servers seriously need an overhaul. Was a pain to get this game working. And it doesn't work on my labtop!! DAMN!!

Tho the game is fun. I'm so glad to see that my favourite Mechs are there. And I get to pilot a Marauder and Mad Cat!! Hopefully, I get to pilot a Canis too!! And a Fafnir if the game decides not to crash on that particular mission!

Edit: Finally got to pilot a Canis!! In campaign too (and not instant action)!! Now I can't wait to pilot a Behemoth (aka Stone Rhino)!! Modified with extra speed and 5 ER Large Lasers ahahahaha ;)

My own Screenshot of a Canis Mech from MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BattleMech 10, 11, 12 Weight Speculation

Just some speculation as to the next Mechs. I had my money on the Raven as to BattleMech 9. It was after all winning the the vote. Not my first choice in Light Mechs, but no Clan Mechs so fair enough. Never really liked Light Mechs, too light in armour IMO (in my opinion for those who don't know). And too fast too. I suck at high speed dogfights (Mechfights? Duels?).

But anyway, BattleMech 10 should be a Medium. Don't know what it is tho, there has been no vote so far (haven't checked the MechWarrior: Online website yet). BattleMech 11 will be a Heavy and BattleMech 12 an Assault. It should go up to 12, seeing as how what they've done up til now is keep the numbers as even as possible - 2 Lights, 2 Mediums, 2 Heavies and 2 Assaults, and with the addition of the Raven, 3 Lights.

Wish List, I hope the Medium will be a Shadow Hawk. I really quite like that Mech, and it's one of the original. No clue if it is one of the unseen/reseen. Would love to see it, or a Hatchetman, now that'll be funny! A Uziel wouldn't be too bad either, can't remember when it was created tho.

In the Heavy section, I say a Marauder. That has got to be one of my favourite Heavies (Timber Wolf aka. Mad Cat aside). Tho as far as I know, the Marauder is one of the reseen. So there's a high chance it won't be in (due to high chance of suing again IMO). Other than that Mech (and Clan Heavies) I have no clue what IS (Inner Sphere for those who don't know) Mech should be included.

Assault wise, no clue either. I was kinda disappointed with the Awesome (yes, yes, insert flame immediately). I hope they put a balance in for that PPC, like a charge up or something, otherwise it'll be OP and during battles all you'll see are PPCs on every Mech.

Actually, I would love to see a Battlemaster as one of the Assaults! It's an awesome command Mech!! :D Haha

Other than that, nothing to expect really. Most of my favourite Asault Mechs come with Clanners such as the Canis. Yes, some consider it shit, but I like it, what's not to love about 4 ER Large lasers? Well heat notwithstanding. Hey, it looks great too!!

Image from

Hey, if Mechs were real, I'd work my way up so I can pilot that! Modified of course :)
Tho then again, I'd probably stay in my Marauder or Mad Cat ;)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Monash University: Week 9

Heh late again. Sorry about that. But what can I say, MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries!! Finally got that working on my desktop!! Awesome!! :) Tho my labtop hates the game. Can't seem to get it to work. CURSE YOU MEKTEK SERVERS!!! Damn that means I can't play it during my Lectures... I mean... WHOO!! I won't get distracted during my Lectures!!

So what happened this week (or rather last week)? Absolutely nothing! No really, last week had nothing special other than me getting ditched (in FIT 1038) by my group, leaving me to do the group assignment myself. Bugger them! Oh good news tho! I can hand in my assignment late (for FIT1039)!! No really, apparently there will be no deduction of late marks, unless I hand it in after the exam... Means there's more time to make that assignment (build a website with joomla) all the more fancy (said in a posh accent). Or rather gives me more time to do other assignments too. Damn Monash and their love of multiple annoying assignments.

Tho I must say, attendance rate has truly diminished each week. I wonder why... ;)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Monash University: Week 8

Ok this is extremely late. Partly because I have nothing that needs to be said about week 8. Really, nothing. Just another average week with nothing special. Perhaps a waste in terms of FIT1038. The tute was fairly boring.

On a side note, always keep a record of what email address belongs to which password. Seriously, spent ages trying to access my blog..... How awkward.....

Monday, 23 April 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Armour Collection 2)

I published these on my DA account, I'll post them here too. I've got a Studded Leather Armour I need to edit then add, and I have to remember to take a Screenshot of Boiled Leather Armour. Then all that's left to do is continue my playthrough and find some Trollhide and Dreadscale. Also I wish I got lucky and actually find all those Gold Armour sets. I always wind up missing at least 1 or 2..... or 4 even.

Male Dokkalfar in Leather Armour

Monash University: Week 7

Right yeah, real late I know. POD would kill me! I think anyway. No one likes anything being late. Anyway, what's there to say about week 6? Plenty. And it ain't good.

FIT1002 I bloody HATE the Lecturer. Simple fact, he's too pessimistic.  He knows his stuff I'll give him that. But he's a dreadful Lecturer. And horrible at organising. He told us that he would be organising a catch-up class for the class that's supposed to be on Good Friday. And he said he'll give us the time during the holidays. But no, I understand he's on holiday too. But you don't say one thing, then do another. Stick to your word mate. By the time he gives us the date, it's almost too late. I can't just cancel prior plans in less than 24 hours you know. Not even that, organise your email better. You sent us an email stating when the assignment is due (Friday Week 8) but then immediately state 20th April Lab. In what context are we talking about? Week 8 is not Friday 20th. What are you referring to? Cos I really have no clue!

It's only now I realise he was referring to 2 different things, but you could've at least stated that. Perhaps using a simple sentence. Even then, it would be nice if you actually replied in emails. I sent him an email and no bloody reply. To me, all he cares about (like any typical Lecturer) "I'm being paid to FAIL you. And all I care about is the money."

In comparison there are some good Lecturer's like POD. He knows his stuff, and ACTUALLY knows how to transfer (or teach) this to us. He deserves to be paid. Sure he can be boring sometimes, but he actually is able to pass on his learning's to others.

FIT1038, our Lecturer is almost useless. Short story, he believes his idea is the only correct one, and if you don't do the assignment to his exact vision of what yours should be, bad marks. Also he can barely answer your question. Hell, he doesn't really actually answer the question. More like talks about it, tell a story, then... wait what was the answer? What did that little story have to do with anything?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Why I prefer some Anime in English dub

Now, by that title alone I shall be inciting a flame war.

Go on...

Down in the comments section you can insult me all you like...

You're probably going to ignore everything else I type... most trolls would do this...

Anything below here you will ignore...

No, you're still reading? That's good, you're actually curious...

That's the funny thing about humans. Their curiosity. I should know, I'm curious about what makes everything tick...

So I'll explain what makes me like some Anime in English dub.

I shall be using my favourite Anime as an example. I've watched both English dub and English sub. Code Geass. One of THE best Anime I have ever seen. Now why would I prefer this Anime in English dub?

I shall pose another question... How do you destroy a country? By taking away their rights? Yeah that might help, but no. Destroy their names and give them a simple number? Yeah that might help, but no. No the answer is that you destroy their culture. A country is only a country, so long it still has culture and tradition. And how do you do that? You begin with their Language.

So back to the main question. Why would I prefer Code Geass in English dub. Because of that reasoning above. The (Holy) Britannia has taken over Japan, and now the Japanese are simply Elevens. So why would they speak Japanese? To destroy a culture, the best way is to start with Language. So in this case, why would they speak Japanese? It'll be much easier to force everyone to speak their language. Good bye culture, good bye country.

THAT is why I prefer it in English dub. It makes perfect logic. Tho then again, one could argue "Suspension of disbelief". But if you do that, I'll never be able to make the joke "Lelouch, it's Morphin Time!!" Haha ;)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Armoured Core Model Kits & How Australia Pisses me off Sometimes

As the title says basically. I recently discovered that there is a thing called Armored Core Model Kits (American Spelling). Which I really want to get my hands on. I'm not a fan of the recent Armoured Core games, but I really enjoyed the first ever. And seeing them release the models of these, makes me really want to get them. They look simply fantastic. THE only problem, which I find always happens, is that Australia basically never sells them. It's all imported, fair enough. BUT even then, THEY aren't even shipped to Australia in the first place!! sells the Nineball model kit, for $50 (Australian too I think), free shipping. BUT it doesn't ship to Australia. WTF!?!?! We, Australians aren't redundant compared to the world. There are some of us who enjoy Anime and in this case models. What is wrong with the world??? Can't we Australians get some love? And I'm not even Australian. I'm an ABC, Australian Born Chinese!!

Really, stuff like this really pisses me off. I scour Melbourne for the HMM Zoids made by Kutabukiya. NOTHING!!! You can't find it in Australia, BUT you can find it everywhere else BUT Australia.

Anyway, I BEG anyone to please tell me where I can buy model kits in Australia, specifically Melbourne. Model kits such as the Armoured Core Model Kits. This doesn't benefit you in anyway, but your favourite store (I'm assuming this is your favourite store since you know about it). This improves the store's "popularity", thus earning that store more money and "reputation" thus profit, thus it will stay there longer and will never need to close down. And this is a major good thing.

The following images are of the (completed) Armoured Core Model Kits. The images are taken from the AmiAmi website (don't have the link sorry).

This is my favourite Armored Core Model Kit. Mainly because I remember this one from the first game, it was the final boss in Armored Core (1). I really want this one :)

This is also another favourite of mine, tho not for the same reasons above.

Monash University: Week 6

Each week seems to get more boring and boring. Tho this week was quite entertaining... "Sex it up week" where everything was basically free. Free Fairy Floss, free Tacos and Free Ice Cream... CAN'T believe I missed out... Bugger next time I'm going up to em and asking if it's free. Anyway, the other cool thing was the Anime "Cosplay Cafe". Was actually quite cool. I learnt that there is more than 1 way of opening bottles/cans. Seriously, pull off the cap and pop out this weird looking tube thing, then push the marble out. Kid you not, Ramune. Pretty cool drink :)

Anyway, onto classes cos that's what my lecturer wants to hear is it not? Classes have been entertaining. Specially the FIT1039 tutorial where we spent 2 hours trying to install this weird program thing. FIT1038 has its issues tho. Tutor was quite peeved off thanks to the Internet screwing up. Made our lesson redundant. He couldn't teach what he wanted cos Internet failed us. So he said for us to complain. And so I shall. Monash FIX your Internet please. We're I.T. students and the Internet is very, VERY important to us. We really need it to be working as much as possible. Otherwise, our classes become redundant and we don't learn anything T.T

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monash University: Week 5

Right yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Another late post about Uni. But I swear I have a valid reason! I forgot my password..... Yeah well I did, but then I remembered it, but decided it be more fun to start playing Might & Magic Heroes VI. So that's what's been filling up my weekend. The other 5 days have been hard at work, especially for FIT1002. Spent friggin 4 HOURS!! on the lab work. Ok in truth I didn't need to do that at all. I could've just rocked up to the lab and begin the programming work. But instead I thought it be a better idea to do it the night before, so if I had any questions I could ask the tutor. Also I was getting marked on some of those (many) questions and those 2 hours isn't really enough time to actually finish the work in class.

FIT1039 has been quite interesting, tho this week's Tute was kinda a waste of time. But Moodle is to blame for that, the amount of broken links and whatnot really made the lesson redundant, we could barely download the programs we needed and that's a pain!! No offense Monash but please get round to fixing some of Moodle's errors.

Also, lecturers it be really nice if you could actually put up the lecture notes before the lecture starts. Like at least the night before. Instead they put it up after (and sometimes a week after) - not thinking of anyone FIT1038!!! Bugger it is annoying. Perhaps the lecture notes are quite useless occasionally since they bare little info, but it be nice if we could get our hands on em, you know, to make sure we're studying the right things etc.

Sunday, 25 March 2012

145 Citadel Paints?

Since I've been having fun for my birthday, I never actually bothered to keep tabs on Games Workshop this week. Until now. I just realised Games Workshop released 145 Paints!! 145!! That's a bloody huge amount and a bloody huge amount of colours. And the funny thing is, I actually see the difference in colour. So far it does not appear to be those dreadful idea of colours i.e. The difference between say a Blue and Light Blue is a TINY gradient of white or something like there. There is actually a difference and you see it. Good choice Games Workshop. That's the only major plus I've seen from you since you started jacking up the price!!

Once I get a handle of my time management (got assignments due this week), I'll (re)begin work on my Luna Wolves, this time possibly using the Citadel Layer: White Scar. I'm really gonna enjoy those Citadel Layers. Also the Citadel Dry :D

Seeing as how I'm more a painter than a gamer, I truly must say I'm quite ecstatic over the release of 145 Paints. Not all will be useful, just a couple here and there.

Taken from the "Games Workshop" website (

Monash University: Week 4

Ok these posts are getting shorter and shorter as I begin to fall into the "bugger I got Uni tomorrow mentality." Everything is beginning to feel like a chore. I'm still gonna rock up to Lectures, Tutes and whatnot - I care more about my education than I do about anything else... LIKE my BIRTHDAY!!! Hell my 18th and I decided to rock up to Uni for my programming lecture. And I partly regret that. Should've taken the day off to relax instead of work my arse off. Oh well, live and learn I guess.

 Actually, there isn't really much to say about Uni. Nothing exciting has happened so far. It's all beginning to fall into the same thing each week. Least, it began Last week and continued this week. Any bets week 5 will be just like week 3, only with a different topic.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What Mech would you like to see in MechWarrior: Online?

As the title says really. What Mech would you want to see in MechWarrior: Online? Yes I know, perhaps I should leave this on the forums, but you know what? I can explain why I want to see a certain Mech. Or just blabber on randomly.

The 2 Mechs I would love to see are the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and the Nova Cat. I truly can't believe I forgot about the Mad Cat. It was only today when my mate reminded me of it. His favourite Mech is the Mad Cat MK2 with its Guass Rifles, LRM-10s and Medium Lasers and very odd for an Assault Class Mech, Jump Jets. Truly that's the first time I've ever seen an Assault Mech have Jump Jets. But it is powerful. For me however, I prefer the classic Mad Cat (or Timber Wolf, same difference). If we can get a hold of this Mech, I'll be spending my C-bills to make the Pryde configuration. It's got some kick at both long and short ranges... and Jump Jets to boot. The other configuration I'll take/make is the Alt. Config. H.

The Nova Cat would be quite enjoyable to play too. Afterall, who doesn't like a barbecue? No really, melt that Mech with your huge array of Lasers. Tho heat will really be a massive issue. Still, if they offer both, I'll be picking the Mad Cat. It's my favourite Mech :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monash University: Week 3

Right, perhaps a little. But I have been busy. Finishing off my assignments for one, playing Mass Effect 3 for another and also got my birthday to sort out (coming Thursday). This week's review is a short one. This week has redeeming factors for FIT1039. The people in there are becoming more and more friendly and talkative. Less people being shy and it's no longer a one-sided conversation!! Finally, I hate doing all the talking and feel like I'm being ignored haha. Also the work is becoming fun! Which is always a plus.

The other 3 subjects I'm indifferent about. Not much to actually say about them actually. It's sort of like "another week at uni" mentality. Still I prefer uni to high school. Not many people can cope with such freedom, but hey, time management is key!! Or at least being well organised, something I'm (surprisingly) good at haha!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Registered my name in MechWarrior: Online

As the title suggests, I have now finally registered my name for MechWarrior: Online (and about time too). Just a note, don't wait a very long time before you register your name, someone has now take the name Thaddeus and Sgt Thaddeus I believe. Tho I don't blame you, it is an awesome name! So I went to my fallback name Varro Thaddeus. Very fitting name for a pilot I say.

Anywho, really can't wait for this game! Been waiting for a Mech game for ages (got my love of Mechwarrior from my dad haha)! If things go my way, me and my friends will be able to form a Clan/Lance. That way we should be able to allocate roles for each of us! Can't wait! This shall be good. For me, it's either a Medium, Heavy or an Atlas (my favourite Mech for some strange reason).

Edit: I actually would really love to pilot a Catapult. A heavily modified one such as the CPLT-H2 and the CPLT-K4 Variants. That way it can switch into the Defensive role I wish to play. Tho then again, I could take the Assault (or Artillery if me and my friends organise our "prefect" team) and have someone defend me. Now that'll be kinda cool haha :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Monash University: Week 2

Right another week, and another review kind of thing. Second week of Uni ain't so bad. Though I'm beginning to succumb to that mentality they keep talking about; "First week all students will be quite excited. By third week they'll feel that Uni is becoming chore." I'm still gonna keep on going, hell I'm paying to learn and that's what I expect. Just that excitement is lost.

FIT1004; is as boring as usual, still not fond of the Lecturer. To me it appears she just reads off the slide, there really is no "new" information I need to write down. Basically if I just pre-read the Lecture notes, then I'll already know everything there is to know about that Lecture. Nothing new to be added besides mundane examples.

FIT1039; I really quite enjoy. The Lecture is quite entertaining still. And hey! If I tweet my coffee order the Lecturer will get it!! It's awesome! Too bad I don't have a Twitter account... I'll get round to making that... The Tutorial however is absolutely dreadful and boring. Worst Tute/Lab out of all the subjects. Namely due to the shoddy internet (though there are other factors). Which leads me to another note. Uni appears to hate under 18 year olds. They refuse to allow access to any of us. Which absolutely sucks!! I understand why to a certain degree. But I hate it. Makes me feel discriminated against.

FIT1038; I have nothing to talk about but FIT1002 is surprisingly entertaining. Who ever thought programming would be quite fun!? The idea that there's 50+ ways to right a code (think that's the name, can't quite recall) for something entirely random is really quite appealing. There is no right or wrong (unless you right the code for something that isn't needed). I find it quite entertaining.

Friday, 9 March 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Armour Collection 1)

Right lately I've been playing Kingdoms of Amalur and doing my (cursed) assignments. So that's been eating up my Warhammer time. Did paint some Necron Imortals, tho I have yet to finish them (namely gun and eyes). So I thought, since I began making an "Armour Collection" on my DA account, I thought I'd start one here too. Least transfer it to here anyway. I'm only making this as I play, so don't expect every armour to appear here.

Male Almain in Iron Armour

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Monash University: Week 1

Each week I must have at least 1 post on Uni. Sort of like a review on each of my weeks. Least that's what I assume. All I have to talk about is; what was that week like, any likes or dislikes etc.

So, my 1st week of Uni, it was fun yet stressful. I've already got 2 assignments, 1 of which I have very little idea of what to do. The fun part of Uni is making new friends. I came to Monash Caulfield with no friends (i.e. all my friends went to the Clayton Campus leaving me with no one). The new friends I made are great group of dudes and dudettes. What more can I say? They are awesome people who passed the "Awesome Test" (the Awesome Test being a judgment to see if I find them to be awesome).

Onto the Lectures. FIT1004's Lecture is quite boring to tell the truth. The Lecturer speaks with a, heavy-ish accent, which I find hard to understand. Though the Tutorial is quite a joy. FIT1039 is quite an enjoyable subject to be in. It's what got me to create this blog. Also, what's not to like about "creating" websites? The Lecturer is quite an interesting person, a very good public speaker. Least he can keep me entertained long enough to stay awake till the Lecture is over haha. Yes, I should not speak ill of him, seeing as how he will be reading this haha. This is my homework and he has to check it.

FIT1002 is quite interesting. I remain neutral on this, since the Lecturer seems knowledgeable, but perhaps not a likable person. Give me time and perhaps I'll dislike him haha. I chose FIT2001 for reasons unknown. Thought I could do a 2nd year subject, but of course, I'm too dumb for anything taught in that class. So Monash allowed me to switch, and I must say, the Uni really helps when a student needs to assistance. Though it may be because I'm a first year student and they go out of their way to assist us.

Right, now I gotta go find someway to get this blog to my Lecturer, and I have no clue where and how.

And We Are Live!

Thaddues here, or rather, SGT-Thaddeus to those who know me through my deviantART (DA) page... account... thing. So if you see images (by me) on both here and on DA, no need to report anything. We are the same person.

Now, why did I create a blog? Well because, believe it or not, it's my homework. I kid you not, it is my homework to create a blog, and maintain it for approximately 12 weeks. And so I shall, and I shall continue to maintain and continue this blog for sometime. After all, it keeps me from being lazy. Meaning, I now have to keep painting so I can try to have at least 1 post per week.

So to begin my 1st post, I shall show off my best painted miniature. This is my 2nd attempt at painting white, or rather white armour. I still got a lot of practice to go, but I'm really proud of this (apologies for the lack of base).