Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monash University: Week 5

Right yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Another late post about Uni. But I swear I have a valid reason! I forgot my password..... Yeah well I did, but then I remembered it, but decided it be more fun to start playing Might & Magic Heroes VI. So that's what's been filling up my weekend. The other 5 days have been hard at work, especially for FIT1002. Spent friggin 4 HOURS!! on the lab work. Ok in truth I didn't need to do that at all. I could've just rocked up to the lab and begin the programming work. But instead I thought it be a better idea to do it the night before, so if I had any questions I could ask the tutor. Also I was getting marked on some of those (many) questions and those 2 hours isn't really enough time to actually finish the work in class.

FIT1039 has been quite interesting, tho this week's Tute was kinda a waste of time. But Moodle is to blame for that, the amount of broken links and whatnot really made the lesson redundant, we could barely download the programs we needed and that's a pain!! No offense Monash but please get round to fixing some of Moodle's errors.

Also, lecturers it be really nice if you could actually put up the lecture notes before the lecture starts. Like at least the night before. Instead they put it up after (and sometimes a week after) - not thinking of anyone FIT1038!!! Bugger it is annoying. Perhaps the lecture notes are quite useless occasionally since they bare little info, but it be nice if we could get our hands on em, you know, to make sure we're studying the right things etc.

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