About Me

G'day and welcome to my Blog. I'm Varro Thaddeus, (aka. Sgt-Thaddeus) and you're probably here to read a little bit about me ay. Stalker much? :P

Jokes aside, I'll try and remain (somewhat) serious.

I don't know anything about my origin. I think I'm adopted, as my parents told me they found me in a rocket ship that crashed near their farm... I suffer severe weakness when near this glowy, green rock thing. Oh wait, that's Superman's bio...

Actually; I'm currently a Uni student, studying at Monash University. I'm merely just a simple city boy, hobbyist and avid gamer living in the city of Melbourne, Australia. I have no idea whether I should be classified as a Hardcore gamer or Casual.

But to me, it doesn't matter. I just love to play games that I enjoy, and I prefer to play many games than rather restrict myself to any one. I have no care for being the best, but I strive to be good. Otherwise, most games I prefer to play are either Single Player or Co-op games. Specifically RPGs of some sort (or something Mech related).

I call myself a Hobbyist as I love to collect and paint miniatures, mostly Warhammer 40k. I'm unfortunately a lazy painter and sometimes don't bother painting for several months! However I'm a pretty good painter and my conversion work is getting better! My Obliterators are probably my best conversion to date!

In addition to being a MechWarrior and Hobbyist, I am also a member of the MechWarrior Mercenary Corps A.C.E.S. and a member of the creative Advent Cafe.

If you're ever interested in playing a few games, looking for advice or just interested in having a good ol' chat; simply visit my Facebook Page; or simply add me in MWO and/or in Steam.

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/VarroThaddeus
MechWarrior: Online (Pilot Name) - Varro Thaddeus
Steam Name - Varro Thaddeus