Friday, 1 April 2016

Pokémon Sun & Moon News

So for any of you guys who've been keeping an eye on this blog hoping for news; well apologies I've been absent. Fallout 4, Digimon and Pokémon have been consuming all my time. Having way too much fun. As usual with news of a new Pokémon game, I just had to do some digging and find out what information and rumours I can find! In this regard, I found some awesome news relating to Fallout 4 and Dog Power Armour.

But that's not the news I wanted to share today. Today I have something slightly greater than Dog Power Armour. It's relating to what you see in Pokémon XY&Z. It's Ash-Greninja related. Hell it's Pokémon Sun & Moon related!

So to be Frank; there's this new form in the TV series which features Ash's Greninja taking on aspects similar to a Mega Evolution but without a Mega Stone. This form doesn't have a confirmed localised name yet. But what I do know is that this form you see in the series is definitely in the upcoming game Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon. The 3 new starters will be able to take this form including the Kalos (Pokémon X & Y) starters.

What this means is that these starters will be gaining increased stats similar to how Mega Evolution works. In addition they take aspects of their trainer. Speaking of trainer. The trainer customisation (like clothing etc.) will be returning; and as your Pokémon take aspects of their trainer, you'll see part of your customisation in your Pokémon! This new form can be included in your team along with a Mega Evolution as well as the Primal Evolution. It sounds a tad ridiculous but will probably change how the meta game works. Least in Ubers.

In addition of course, as with new games comes new Mega Evolutions. Milotic is the only Pokémon so far to be confirmed to gain Mega Evolution. I suspect there will be several others. But at least Milotic is confirmed! Oh and it's getting a dual typing. Water/Dragon.

That's all I know! Have a great day today and keep an eye out for a release date!

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