Tuesday, 26 January 2016

MechWarrior: Online - Warhammer WHM-Black Widow Build

So in all honesty; it's been way too long since I've posted this. To be honest, I've been on and off MWO for the past year. Mostly so I can concentrate on studies, but also I will admit that I've had a bit of a burnout. But I have returned. Vastly; I've noticed the meta has completely changed. I still love to run my old builds; but I do feel, it's time to revamp everything and build new Mechs from ground up. I'm not sure how these new builds will hold up, or function. Some builds might be "meta" compliant; others will just be pure fun. Like my favourite SRMCrow build with SRM30Artemis; cos why not?

Regardless; today's build is not about anything other than the return of an ancient legend. Warriors of old whom have not seen the light of day for years. We will return to the day when the Emperor and his Primarchs walked among... wait, sorry wrong game and lore. However the name stands; the Warhammer was released not too long ago.

Let's see what Natasha Romanova... wait same name; wrong person... These jokes must get old huh?

WHM-BW "Iron Warrior" (XL300, 2x UAC5 & 2x PPC)

Role: Sniper
Speed: 69.4 kph
Firepower: 30
Armour: 336

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: Both UAC5s
Secondary Weapon Group: Both PPCs

So the thing is; when I say the role is sniper; what I mean to say is, when playing this build, I'd suggest staying in the back, not so far back that your weapons are not at optimal range, but within your team; but take the rear guard. Yes you will have issues when a Light spots you, that's when you run into the rest of your team for help.

However, the main idea, is like the pre-clan meta. When poptarting was rampart. For new users (like those on Steam - in which I'll make a beginner's advice video at some point); when you fire, alpha strike; so pull both triggers. You'll hit someone for about 30 Alpha damage. But make sure to check your heat. Once you rise to about 80-90% hold off on the PPCs; better yet take cover. Or even better; after firing each round, take cover. If you do take fire, try to mitigate the damage by rotating your torsos.

What I've noticed is that the Warhammer has pretty high weapon mounts. Not the highest by any stretch of the imagination; however fairly decent. Remember this when hill humping. It'll help a lot.

That's probably the best advice I can give for now.

The rest is simple practice. My opinion on the build? It's an old meta build; but still works today. To be honest; it's a solid build and mech in general. My main gripe is, that I'm slow. I've been spoilt by the Clans for speed, and it's hard to go back. The damage from afar is there, which is nice; and helps for those overly large maps... Polar Highlands...