Saturday, 6 June 2015

MH4U - Blademaster Armour Spotlight (Nargacuga X)

After a super long hiatus, I am ready to declare that I am back. For all intense and purposes, I've been concentrating purely on uni with very little, well limiting myself to a few select games. One of which is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. If I'm not concentrating on uni I'm messing around with my mates on MH4U.

So at this stage in time, I've now sunk over 400 hours into MH4U, I'm at G Special, Gold Crown. I am unfortunately, a Fashion Hunter. I really hate having to stare at my own character who might potentially look like a complete clown/fool. So to compensate, I find armours which are generally a full set and have a pretty good set of skills. So here's today's Armour Spotlight!