Tuesday, 9 December 2014

MechWarrior: Online - King Crab Sneak Peak (Details)

Well guess what? Varro is back baby!! Did ya miss me? Probably not :P

And to celebrate my return to the blogging and gaming industry, is some really super sweet information that I found! And it's all about the King Crab (courtesy of NGNG). I'll be replicating all information and images here along with my thoughts. Saves you from more linkage.

Check it out right meow!

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Varro is still alive!! Just MIA...

As stated, I've noticed I've been missing for the past month. Exams and such are a pain!
But regardless I'm still alive! Just life is taking it's toll. Least the weight of it all is a pain... Also job seeking isn't much fun either...

Not gonna bore you with the details. Just posting might be slow; really hoping this year will end in something uplifting cos so far, this year hasn't been that great. With the death of a loved one and all...