Friday, 29 March 2013

Forge World New Releases - Mechanicum Thallax Cohort, Legion MKIV Recon Squad, Legion MKIII Breacher Siege Squad and Legion MKIV Outrider Squadron

Largest title ever...

Today we have a heap of new Forge World releases!! Well, alright I missed out on one of them during my sick leave, so I thought I may as well include it here. It's pretty awesome!!

So first of the new releases is the Mechanicum Thallax Cohort! They are basically robots!! Well in appearance. In fact they have been modified heavily, and by modify, I mean bionics!! They kinda remind me of the Big Daddies from Bioshock, the Rivet Gun Big Daddy methinks. Personally, I think they look a tad odd, least I'm a righty, so I reckon their gun should be attached to the right arm... but that's biased talk.

Image courtesy of Forge World

Image courtesy of Forge World

Next on the release are the Legion MKIV Recon Squad. If you've been reading the White Dwarf, you would've seen one of these guys being made. Least the process. There's a whole host of doodads here and there. They really do look the part of a Scout/Recon Team. All that extra gear for working behind enemy lines, away from their own supply lines!!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Cataphract CTF-4X Build

Update 1: This build is now outdated, however it is still usable. For an updated Cataphract CTF-4X Build see the new post [Here].

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

There has been many builds for the Cataphract CTF-4X, and I know that out of all the Cataphracts, the CTF-4X is considered the weakest. That may be so, but it is my personal favourite of all the variants (Hero Mechs notwithstanding). The reasons being; is that I love the sound of ballistic weapons, also it looks less "FrankenMech" weird and pretty damn awesome!!
I don't buy MC, not because I don't want to support the game, but because I actually have no credit card... and I'm kinda poor. So that means I have to make do with what I got and slowly grind C-Bills. Which means I have to make do with cheap (C-Bills wise) Mechs. With that in mind, it's time I reveal some useful (yet cheap) builds.

Monday, 25 March 2013

In bed with Fever

Nothing more needs to be said... I'm kinda really feeling out of it today. Just a simple fever. I saw the Doctor, don't worry I'll be fine. If I wasn't sick, I'd put up a post on some of the MechWarrior: Online Mech builds I use. I'd even do a multiple post as Forge World have some new goodies!! Would post my thoughts and whatnot on them.

Anyway, good day to you, I'll put up more posts this week than normal to make up for this.

Monday, 18 March 2013

MechWarrior: Online PseudoMech 1 Thunderbolt

As far as I know, MechWarrior: Online will never bring the Unseen or Reseen mechs into the game. They want to avoid any possible legal ramifications. Which leaves us fans kinda quite upset. Least I am. I can't pilot my beloved Thunderbolt. Which means the next best thing are "PseudoMechs".

"PseudoMechs" are basically Mechs that have not been implemented in the game, yet it is possible to make the equivalent of it with another Mech that shares some similarities.

In this case, to make the Thunderbolt (or perhaps we shall rename it the Heavybolt), we'll use the Awesome AWS-8V. Why? Because it is the only current Mech Variant that shares a similar structure to the Thunderbolt. There is a Missile Hardpoint on the Right Torso, and Energy Hardpoints on the Arms and Left Torso.

Let's check out the actual build.

Monday, 11 March 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Catapult CPLT-A1 Thoughts

You might not have guess, but I've been playing MechWarrior: Online for quite sometime. Ok, in reality since the NDA has been lifted, I've actually been playing since the start of the Closed Beta. I've encountered numerous changes and really, if you idiots think some Mechs are OP and sometimes it's unplayable, well think of it this way, it was much worse on Closed Beta. But then, that's exactly what it was back then, and is now; IT'S STILL IN BETA!!!!

This isn't what the full game will look like. It's a close idea, but there's plenty more Mechs and implementations to come. Complaining like a whiny 'lil bitch won't change anything. Suck it up princess and learn to give constructive criticism.

/Rant Off

Now ignore my rant, I had to get that out and it's very important that I do, most people don't actually understand what Beta is. Now onto the important stuff, like the Catapult A1 and some of my thoughts and builds for it.

Monday, 4 March 2013

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag - World Premiere Trailer

Hey guys as you all know, Ubisoft has announced their new game Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. From what I have gathered, this game will be taking Assassin's Creed 3 naval battles to a whole new level. Supposedly AC IV will be all about naval battles. For me personally I am a huge fan of the naval battles, and really wish there were more. Seems my prayers have been answered!! A whole game on NAVAL BATTLES!!! Can't wait!!

Check out the trailers now!!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Forge World Squads - "Bundle" Overview

As you all know, I'm a major fan of Forge World's products. I may not buy a heap from them due to the price (I live in Australia, though one can argue it's cheaper to buy from Forge World than it is to buy from Games Workshop haha), however I do constantly visit their site and "research" their products. By "research" I mean look at the price and try and find the most value for my dollar. I'm still a customer and money cannot be acquired straight from my arse!!

Lately, Forge World have been offering "Squads" for sale, which I call a "Bundle", because that's what it is. Take the Legion Tactical Squads; it's 3 Squads of 10, including Bolters and 1 Command Set. That's basically 6 Space Marine Packs and 3 Bolter Packs with 1 Command Set. It's a bundle and surprisingly cheaper than buying all components separate. But not all these bundles are worth it.

So what I will do is list all their "Squads" or "Bundle" packs available and show the price and separate component pricing, as well as give my opinion on their worth. You can be the judge whether or not you buy them. Remember to check postage costs as well.