Monday, 18 March 2013

MechWarrior: Online PseudoMech 1 Thunderbolt

As far as I know, MechWarrior: Online will never bring the Unseen or Reseen mechs into the game. They want to avoid any possible legal ramifications. Which leaves us fans kinda quite upset. Least I am. I can't pilot my beloved Thunderbolt. Which means the next best thing are "PseudoMechs".

"PseudoMechs" are basically Mechs that have not been implemented in the game, yet it is possible to make the equivalent of it with another Mech that shares some similarities.

In this case, to make the Thunderbolt (or perhaps we shall rename it the Heavybolt), we'll use the Awesome AWS-8V. Why? Because it is the only current Mech Variant that shares a similar structure to the Thunderbolt. There is a Missile Hardpoint on the Right Torso, and Energy Hardpoints on the Arms and Left Torso.

Let's check out the actual build.

The Heavybolt

Nostalgia much ay? Had to do it in that format. Was kinda cool :)
This is the best way to represent the Thunderbolt in all its Pseudo goodness. Yeah ok it's lacking the Machine Guns and SRM2 (you can rectify this by removing a few Heatsinks). It's also a tad overweight, hence the term Heavybolt!!

It is actually quite viable. Not the best way to outfit the Mech, but by no means is it worthless. Only built it for fun and it's cheap to make!! How else could you replicate the Thunderbolt or the rest of the Unseen/Reseen?

Oh and for those of you who want the Mechlab view, here it is: Heavybolt.

Notes: Thunderbolt image courtesy of this website Kudos to the artist, whoever you are!!

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