Monday, 23 April 2012

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning (Armour Collection 2)

I published these on my DA account, I'll post them here too. I've got a Studded Leather Armour I need to edit then add, and I have to remember to take a Screenshot of Boiled Leather Armour. Then all that's left to do is continue my playthrough and find some Trollhide and Dreadscale. Also I wish I got lucky and actually find all those Gold Armour sets. I always wind up missing at least 1 or 2..... or 4 even.

Male Dokkalfar in Leather Armour

Monash University: Week 7

Right yeah, real late I know. POD would kill me! I think anyway. No one likes anything being late. Anyway, what's there to say about week 6? Plenty. And it ain't good.

FIT1002 I bloody HATE the Lecturer. Simple fact, he's too pessimistic.  He knows his stuff I'll give him that. But he's a dreadful Lecturer. And horrible at organising. He told us that he would be organising a catch-up class for the class that's supposed to be on Good Friday. And he said he'll give us the time during the holidays. But no, I understand he's on holiday too. But you don't say one thing, then do another. Stick to your word mate. By the time he gives us the date, it's almost too late. I can't just cancel prior plans in less than 24 hours you know. Not even that, organise your email better. You sent us an email stating when the assignment is due (Friday Week 8) but then immediately state 20th April Lab. In what context are we talking about? Week 8 is not Friday 20th. What are you referring to? Cos I really have no clue!

It's only now I realise he was referring to 2 different things, but you could've at least stated that. Perhaps using a simple sentence. Even then, it would be nice if you actually replied in emails. I sent him an email and no bloody reply. To me, all he cares about (like any typical Lecturer) "I'm being paid to FAIL you. And all I care about is the money."

In comparison there are some good Lecturer's like POD. He knows his stuff, and ACTUALLY knows how to transfer (or teach) this to us. He deserves to be paid. Sure he can be boring sometimes, but he actually is able to pass on his learning's to others.

FIT1038, our Lecturer is almost useless. Short story, he believes his idea is the only correct one, and if you don't do the assignment to his exact vision of what yours should be, bad marks. Also he can barely answer your question. Hell, he doesn't really actually answer the question. More like talks about it, tell a story, then... wait what was the answer? What did that little story have to do with anything?

Friday, 20 April 2012

Why I prefer some Anime in English dub

Now, by that title alone I shall be inciting a flame war.

Go on...

Down in the comments section you can insult me all you like...

You're probably going to ignore everything else I type... most trolls would do this...

Anything below here you will ignore...

No, you're still reading? That's good, you're actually curious...

That's the funny thing about humans. Their curiosity. I should know, I'm curious about what makes everything tick...

So I'll explain what makes me like some Anime in English dub.

I shall be using my favourite Anime as an example. I've watched both English dub and English sub. Code Geass. One of THE best Anime I have ever seen. Now why would I prefer this Anime in English dub?

I shall pose another question... How do you destroy a country? By taking away their rights? Yeah that might help, but no. Destroy their names and give them a simple number? Yeah that might help, but no. No the answer is that you destroy their culture. A country is only a country, so long it still has culture and tradition. And how do you do that? You begin with their Language.

So back to the main question. Why would I prefer Code Geass in English dub. Because of that reasoning above. The (Holy) Britannia has taken over Japan, and now the Japanese are simply Elevens. So why would they speak Japanese? To destroy a culture, the best way is to start with Language. So in this case, why would they speak Japanese? It'll be much easier to force everyone to speak their language. Good bye culture, good bye country.

THAT is why I prefer it in English dub. It makes perfect logic. Tho then again, one could argue "Suspension of disbelief". But if you do that, I'll never be able to make the joke "Lelouch, it's Morphin Time!!" Haha ;)

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Armoured Core Model Kits & How Australia Pisses me off Sometimes

As the title says basically. I recently discovered that there is a thing called Armored Core Model Kits (American Spelling). Which I really want to get my hands on. I'm not a fan of the recent Armoured Core games, but I really enjoyed the first ever. And seeing them release the models of these, makes me really want to get them. They look simply fantastic. THE only problem, which I find always happens, is that Australia basically never sells them. It's all imported, fair enough. BUT even then, THEY aren't even shipped to Australia in the first place!! sells the Nineball model kit, for $50 (Australian too I think), free shipping. BUT it doesn't ship to Australia. WTF!?!?! We, Australians aren't redundant compared to the world. There are some of us who enjoy Anime and in this case models. What is wrong with the world??? Can't we Australians get some love? And I'm not even Australian. I'm an ABC, Australian Born Chinese!!

Really, stuff like this really pisses me off. I scour Melbourne for the HMM Zoids made by Kutabukiya. NOTHING!!! You can't find it in Australia, BUT you can find it everywhere else BUT Australia.

Anyway, I BEG anyone to please tell me where I can buy model kits in Australia, specifically Melbourne. Model kits such as the Armoured Core Model Kits. This doesn't benefit you in anyway, but your favourite store (I'm assuming this is your favourite store since you know about it). This improves the store's "popularity", thus earning that store more money and "reputation" thus profit, thus it will stay there longer and will never need to close down. And this is a major good thing.

The following images are of the (completed) Armoured Core Model Kits. The images are taken from the AmiAmi website (don't have the link sorry).

This is my favourite Armored Core Model Kit. Mainly because I remember this one from the first game, it was the final boss in Armored Core (1). I really want this one :)

This is also another favourite of mine, tho not for the same reasons above.

Monash University: Week 6

Each week seems to get more boring and boring. Tho this week was quite entertaining... "Sex it up week" where everything was basically free. Free Fairy Floss, free Tacos and Free Ice Cream... CAN'T believe I missed out... Bugger next time I'm going up to em and asking if it's free. Anyway, the other cool thing was the Anime "Cosplay Cafe". Was actually quite cool. I learnt that there is more than 1 way of opening bottles/cans. Seriously, pull off the cap and pop out this weird looking tube thing, then push the marble out. Kid you not, Ramune. Pretty cool drink :)

Anyway, onto classes cos that's what my lecturer wants to hear is it not? Classes have been entertaining. Specially the FIT1039 tutorial where we spent 2 hours trying to install this weird program thing. FIT1038 has its issues tho. Tutor was quite peeved off thanks to the Internet screwing up. Made our lesson redundant. He couldn't teach what he wanted cos Internet failed us. So he said for us to complain. And so I shall. Monash FIX your Internet please. We're I.T. students and the Internet is very, VERY important to us. We really need it to be working as much as possible. Otherwise, our classes become redundant and we don't learn anything T.T

Sunday, 1 April 2012

Monash University: Week 5

Right yeah, yeah, yeah I know. Another late post about Uni. But I swear I have a valid reason! I forgot my password..... Yeah well I did, but then I remembered it, but decided it be more fun to start playing Might & Magic Heroes VI. So that's what's been filling up my weekend. The other 5 days have been hard at work, especially for FIT1002. Spent friggin 4 HOURS!! on the lab work. Ok in truth I didn't need to do that at all. I could've just rocked up to the lab and begin the programming work. But instead I thought it be a better idea to do it the night before, so if I had any questions I could ask the tutor. Also I was getting marked on some of those (many) questions and those 2 hours isn't really enough time to actually finish the work in class.

FIT1039 has been quite interesting, tho this week's Tute was kinda a waste of time. But Moodle is to blame for that, the amount of broken links and whatnot really made the lesson redundant, we could barely download the programs we needed and that's a pain!! No offense Monash but please get round to fixing some of Moodle's errors.

Also, lecturers it be really nice if you could actually put up the lecture notes before the lecture starts. Like at least the night before. Instead they put it up after (and sometimes a week after) - not thinking of anyone FIT1038!!! Bugger it is annoying. Perhaps the lecture notes are quite useless occasionally since they bare little info, but it be nice if we could get our hands on em, you know, to make sure we're studying the right things etc.