Saturday, 7 April 2012

Monash University: Week 6

Each week seems to get more boring and boring. Tho this week was quite entertaining... "Sex it up week" where everything was basically free. Free Fairy Floss, free Tacos and Free Ice Cream... CAN'T believe I missed out... Bugger next time I'm going up to em and asking if it's free. Anyway, the other cool thing was the Anime "Cosplay Cafe". Was actually quite cool. I learnt that there is more than 1 way of opening bottles/cans. Seriously, pull off the cap and pop out this weird looking tube thing, then push the marble out. Kid you not, Ramune. Pretty cool drink :)

Anyway, onto classes cos that's what my lecturer wants to hear is it not? Classes have been entertaining. Specially the FIT1039 tutorial where we spent 2 hours trying to install this weird program thing. FIT1038 has its issues tho. Tutor was quite peeved off thanks to the Internet screwing up. Made our lesson redundant. He couldn't teach what he wanted cos Internet failed us. So he said for us to complain. And so I shall. Monash FIX your Internet please. We're I.T. students and the Internet is very, VERY important to us. We really need it to be working as much as possible. Otherwise, our classes become redundant and we don't learn anything T.T

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