Monday, 23 April 2012

Monash University: Week 7

Right yeah, real late I know. POD would kill me! I think anyway. No one likes anything being late. Anyway, what's there to say about week 6? Plenty. And it ain't good.

FIT1002 I bloody HATE the Lecturer. Simple fact, he's too pessimistic.  He knows his stuff I'll give him that. But he's a dreadful Lecturer. And horrible at organising. He told us that he would be organising a catch-up class for the class that's supposed to be on Good Friday. And he said he'll give us the time during the holidays. But no, I understand he's on holiday too. But you don't say one thing, then do another. Stick to your word mate. By the time he gives us the date, it's almost too late. I can't just cancel prior plans in less than 24 hours you know. Not even that, organise your email better. You sent us an email stating when the assignment is due (Friday Week 8) but then immediately state 20th April Lab. In what context are we talking about? Week 8 is not Friday 20th. What are you referring to? Cos I really have no clue!

It's only now I realise he was referring to 2 different things, but you could've at least stated that. Perhaps using a simple sentence. Even then, it would be nice if you actually replied in emails. I sent him an email and no bloody reply. To me, all he cares about (like any typical Lecturer) "I'm being paid to FAIL you. And all I care about is the money."

In comparison there are some good Lecturer's like POD. He knows his stuff, and ACTUALLY knows how to transfer (or teach) this to us. He deserves to be paid. Sure he can be boring sometimes, but he actually is able to pass on his learning's to others.

FIT1038, our Lecturer is almost useless. Short story, he believes his idea is the only correct one, and if you don't do the assignment to his exact vision of what yours should be, bad marks. Also he can barely answer your question. Hell, he doesn't really actually answer the question. More like talks about it, tell a story, then... wait what was the answer? What did that little story have to do with anything?

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