Saturday, 7 April 2012

Armoured Core Model Kits & How Australia Pisses me off Sometimes

As the title says basically. I recently discovered that there is a thing called Armored Core Model Kits (American Spelling). Which I really want to get my hands on. I'm not a fan of the recent Armoured Core games, but I really enjoyed the first ever. And seeing them release the models of these, makes me really want to get them. They look simply fantastic. THE only problem, which I find always happens, is that Australia basically never sells them. It's all imported, fair enough. BUT even then, THEY aren't even shipped to Australia in the first place!! sells the Nineball model kit, for $50 (Australian too I think), free shipping. BUT it doesn't ship to Australia. WTF!?!?! We, Australians aren't redundant compared to the world. There are some of us who enjoy Anime and in this case models. What is wrong with the world??? Can't we Australians get some love? And I'm not even Australian. I'm an ABC, Australian Born Chinese!!

Really, stuff like this really pisses me off. I scour Melbourne for the HMM Zoids made by Kutabukiya. NOTHING!!! You can't find it in Australia, BUT you can find it everywhere else BUT Australia.

Anyway, I BEG anyone to please tell me where I can buy model kits in Australia, specifically Melbourne. Model kits such as the Armoured Core Model Kits. This doesn't benefit you in anyway, but your favourite store (I'm assuming this is your favourite store since you know about it). This improves the store's "popularity", thus earning that store more money and "reputation" thus profit, thus it will stay there longer and will never need to close down. And this is a major good thing.

The following images are of the (completed) Armoured Core Model Kits. The images are taken from the AmiAmi website (don't have the link sorry).

This is my favourite Armored Core Model Kit. Mainly because I remember this one from the first game, it was the final boss in Armored Core (1). I really want this one :)

This is also another favourite of mine, tho not for the same reasons above.

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