Monday, 28 May 2012

Monash University: Week 12

Last week of uni for this semester!! The week was partly useful, mostly useless. Everything about exams I already knew, "Answer all multiple choice questions, there's a 1/4 chance of it being correct." etc. Yeah learnt all that in high school for VCE.

Otherwise, I shall be gone for several weeks. Gonna be studying!!

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monash University: Week 11

Another late post, but blame Monash and their assignments. Love how they all decide "OMG it's almost at the end of the semester! CRAP!! They still have assignments to do, and I forgot to hand them out! Here's the assignment students, get it done in a week."

Least, it feels like that anyway. Got waaaay too many assignments in too little a time. I would've expected them to actually manage time properly and give us the assignments over the semester. Like, just don't give assignments in a few weeks before semester's end. A couple weeks prior would be the more intelligent approach. But oh well, since when do Lecturer's/Teachers care much about students and their stress.

Talk about stress, I withdrew - albeit late - from FIT1038. It's bloody ridiculous my group members. Ok the assignment for that class is done over the whole semester. And should be done bit by bit. Instead ALL of my group members decided to take a 6 week holiday without notifying myself or my mate. That forced us 2 to do all the work, whilst they mooch the answers off us without us being able to do anything. This ended at the point he withdrew (at the right time too). I made the dumb idea to stay, up until the point they decided to rock up in week 9 and 10 EXPECTING all the work to be done for them. When they realised no work has been done FOR them, they decide to disregard my times (my Lecture and Tutor times) by demanding reschedules so they we could meet up. Mate, I actually ATTEND my Lectures and Tutes. I actually CARE about my study, so don't expect me to leave my classes just for you.

Seriously, temptation to name them here is extremely high. Defacing them is something that I would quite enjoy (in the sense of ruining their reputation and showing the world that these 2 students are terrible students and workmates). Only reason I do not, is because of privacy acts etc. and all that legal crap.

My word of advice, don't bother doing FIT1038. You may end up with pathetic team who expect YOU to do ALL the work for them.

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Monash University: Week 10

I must say, each week there is less and less people rocking up. No surprise there, Lecturers aren't exactly the most fun types of people (POD withstanding). Seriously, 3 out of the 4 Lecturers drone on and on about their chosen class. Some of this info is basically read off from the slide, nothing new, nothing to note down. By their attitude I feel as if they're just teaching for money. Like in their minds "I'm here only for the money." Tho that's 3 out of the 4, which proves to me, there are some Lecturers who enjoy being Lecturers and enjoy what they do.

Tho still, I remember complaining about teachers back in the day. Guess as students we all find something to complain about, perhaps just to kill the boredom? Or just as a force of habit, whatever :)

Thursday, 10 May 2012

How right was I!

Haha whoo!! How right was I?! How right was I?! Told ya BattleMech 10 was gonna be a medium! Didn't know which tho. Partly excited about seeing the Cicada, but partly disappointed. It's not my first choice of medium that's for sure. Tho that's just my opinion, high chance of seeing me pilot a Centurion instead, more firepower and armour. Tho it does lack speed...

No matter, loving the little stories that come with each release of the BattleMechs. Next Mech will be Heavy then Assault. I hope to see nearly the full arsenal of Mechs in this game!! Just like the massive amount of Mechs in MechWarrior 4. Tho I really do hope they get the balancing issue down. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to unique and individual Mechs in matches and just see everyone piloting the same thing. I shall trust the devs tho, they must know what they're doing!!

Read the cool little story about BattleMech10 here.

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MechWarrior IV

MechWarior IV: Mercenaries. Seriously a fun and fantastic game!! Truly fantastic! And for a year 2000 game, the graphics are topnotch! Would love to see a remake of this (with better graphics and more Mechs). Actually, would love to see a remake of the 1st game with better graphics only :)

Only recently got this installed (as stated in my Monash University: Week 9 blog post). I have all the Mechs thanks to mektek. Tho installing was a BITCH! No really, mektek servers seriously need an overhaul. Was a pain to get this game working. And it doesn't work on my labtop!! DAMN!!

Tho the game is fun. I'm so glad to see that my favourite Mechs are there. And I get to pilot a Marauder and Mad Cat!! Hopefully, I get to pilot a Canis too!! And a Fafnir if the game decides not to crash on that particular mission!

Edit: Finally got to pilot a Canis!! In campaign too (and not instant action)!! Now I can't wait to pilot a Behemoth (aka Stone Rhino)!! Modified with extra speed and 5 ER Large Lasers ahahahaha ;)

My own Screenshot of a Canis Mech from MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

BattleMech 10, 11, 12 Weight Speculation

Just some speculation as to the next Mechs. I had my money on the Raven as to BattleMech 9. It was after all winning the the vote. Not my first choice in Light Mechs, but no Clan Mechs so fair enough. Never really liked Light Mechs, too light in armour IMO (in my opinion for those who don't know). And too fast too. I suck at high speed dogfights (Mechfights? Duels?).

But anyway, BattleMech 10 should be a Medium. Don't know what it is tho, there has been no vote so far (haven't checked the MechWarrior: Online website yet). BattleMech 11 will be a Heavy and BattleMech 12 an Assault. It should go up to 12, seeing as how what they've done up til now is keep the numbers as even as possible - 2 Lights, 2 Mediums, 2 Heavies and 2 Assaults, and with the addition of the Raven, 3 Lights.

Wish List, I hope the Medium will be a Shadow Hawk. I really quite like that Mech, and it's one of the original. No clue if it is one of the unseen/reseen. Would love to see it, or a Hatchetman, now that'll be funny! A Uziel wouldn't be too bad either, can't remember when it was created tho.

In the Heavy section, I say a Marauder. That has got to be one of my favourite Heavies (Timber Wolf aka. Mad Cat aside). Tho as far as I know, the Marauder is one of the reseen. So there's a high chance it won't be in (due to high chance of suing again IMO). Other than that Mech (and Clan Heavies) I have no clue what IS (Inner Sphere for those who don't know) Mech should be included.

Assault wise, no clue either. I was kinda disappointed with the Awesome (yes, yes, insert flame immediately). I hope they put a balance in for that PPC, like a charge up or something, otherwise it'll be OP and during battles all you'll see are PPCs on every Mech.

Actually, I would love to see a Battlemaster as one of the Assaults! It's an awesome command Mech!! :D Haha

Other than that, nothing to expect really. Most of my favourite Asault Mechs come with Clanners such as the Canis. Yes, some consider it shit, but I like it, what's not to love about 4 ER Large lasers? Well heat notwithstanding. Hey, it looks great too!!

Image from

Hey, if Mechs were real, I'd work my way up so I can pilot that! Modified of course :)
Tho then again, I'd probably stay in my Marauder or Mad Cat ;)

Monday, 7 May 2012

Monash University: Week 9

Heh late again. Sorry about that. But what can I say, MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries!! Finally got that working on my desktop!! Awesome!! :) Tho my labtop hates the game. Can't seem to get it to work. CURSE YOU MEKTEK SERVERS!!! Damn that means I can't play it during my Lectures... I mean... WHOO!! I won't get distracted during my Lectures!!

So what happened this week (or rather last week)? Absolutely nothing! No really, last week had nothing special other than me getting ditched (in FIT 1038) by my group, leaving me to do the group assignment myself. Bugger them! Oh good news tho! I can hand in my assignment late (for FIT1039)!! No really, apparently there will be no deduction of late marks, unless I hand it in after the exam... Means there's more time to make that assignment (build a website with joomla) all the more fancy (said in a posh accent). Or rather gives me more time to do other assignments too. Damn Monash and their love of multiple annoying assignments.

Tho I must say, attendance rate has truly diminished each week. I wonder why... ;)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Monash University: Week 8

Ok this is extremely late. Partly because I have nothing that needs to be said about week 8. Really, nothing. Just another average week with nothing special. Perhaps a waste in terms of FIT1038. The tute was fairly boring.

On a side note, always keep a record of what email address belongs to which password. Seriously, spent ages trying to access my blog..... How awkward.....