Monday, 7 May 2012

Monash University: Week 9

Heh late again. Sorry about that. But what can I say, MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries!! Finally got that working on my desktop!! Awesome!! :) Tho my labtop hates the game. Can't seem to get it to work. CURSE YOU MEKTEK SERVERS!!! Damn that means I can't play it during my Lectures... I mean... WHOO!! I won't get distracted during my Lectures!!

So what happened this week (or rather last week)? Absolutely nothing! No really, last week had nothing special other than me getting ditched (in FIT 1038) by my group, leaving me to do the group assignment myself. Bugger them! Oh good news tho! I can hand in my assignment late (for FIT1039)!! No really, apparently there will be no deduction of late marks, unless I hand it in after the exam... Means there's more time to make that assignment (build a website with joomla) all the more fancy (said in a posh accent). Or rather gives me more time to do other assignments too. Damn Monash and their love of multiple annoying assignments.

Tho I must say, attendance rate has truly diminished each week. I wonder why... ;)

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