Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monash University: Week 11

Another late post, but blame Monash and their assignments. Love how they all decide "OMG it's almost at the end of the semester! CRAP!! They still have assignments to do, and I forgot to hand them out! Here's the assignment students, get it done in a week."

Least, it feels like that anyway. Got waaaay too many assignments in too little a time. I would've expected them to actually manage time properly and give us the assignments over the semester. Like, just don't give assignments in a few weeks before semester's end. A couple weeks prior would be the more intelligent approach. But oh well, since when do Lecturer's/Teachers care much about students and their stress.

Talk about stress, I withdrew - albeit late - from FIT1038. It's bloody ridiculous my group members. Ok the assignment for that class is done over the whole semester. And should be done bit by bit. Instead ALL of my group members decided to take a 6 week holiday without notifying myself or my mate. That forced us 2 to do all the work, whilst they mooch the answers off us without us being able to do anything. This ended at the point he withdrew (at the right time too). I made the dumb idea to stay, up until the point they decided to rock up in week 9 and 10 EXPECTING all the work to be done for them. When they realised no work has been done FOR them, they decide to disregard my times (my Lecture and Tutor times) by demanding reschedules so they we could meet up. Mate, I actually ATTEND my Lectures and Tutes. I actually CARE about my study, so don't expect me to leave my classes just for you.

Seriously, temptation to name them here is extremely high. Defacing them is something that I would quite enjoy (in the sense of ruining their reputation and showing the world that these 2 students are terrible students and workmates). Only reason I do not, is because of privacy acts etc. and all that legal crap.

My word of advice, don't bother doing FIT1038. You may end up with pathetic team who expect YOU to do ALL the work for them.

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  1. What you should of done is report them to the lecture it could of made it a lot better