Thursday, 10 May 2012

How right was I!

Haha whoo!! How right was I?! How right was I?! Told ya BattleMech 10 was gonna be a medium! Didn't know which tho. Partly excited about seeing the Cicada, but partly disappointed. It's not my first choice of medium that's for sure. Tho that's just my opinion, high chance of seeing me pilot a Centurion instead, more firepower and armour. Tho it does lack speed...

No matter, loving the little stories that come with each release of the BattleMechs. Next Mech will be Heavy then Assault. I hope to see nearly the full arsenal of Mechs in this game!! Just like the massive amount of Mechs in MechWarrior 4. Tho I really do hope they get the balancing issue down. Otherwise, you can say goodbye to unique and individual Mechs in matches and just see everyone piloting the same thing. I shall trust the devs tho, they must know what they're doing!!

Read the cool little story about BattleMech10 here.

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (

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