Wednesday, 9 May 2012

MechWarrior IV

MechWarior IV: Mercenaries. Seriously a fun and fantastic game!! Truly fantastic! And for a year 2000 game, the graphics are topnotch! Would love to see a remake of this (with better graphics and more Mechs). Actually, would love to see a remake of the 1st game with better graphics only :)

Only recently got this installed (as stated in my Monash University: Week 9 blog post). I have all the Mechs thanks to mektek. Tho installing was a BITCH! No really, mektek servers seriously need an overhaul. Was a pain to get this game working. And it doesn't work on my labtop!! DAMN!!

Tho the game is fun. I'm so glad to see that my favourite Mechs are there. And I get to pilot a Marauder and Mad Cat!! Hopefully, I get to pilot a Canis too!! And a Fafnir if the game decides not to crash on that particular mission!

Edit: Finally got to pilot a Canis!! In campaign too (and not instant action)!! Now I can't wait to pilot a Behemoth (aka Stone Rhino)!! Modified with extra speed and 5 ER Large Lasers ahahahaha ;)

My own Screenshot of a Canis Mech from MechWarrior IV: Mercenaries

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