Monday, 11 March 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Catapult CPLT-A1 Thoughts

You might not have guess, but I've been playing MechWarrior: Online for quite sometime. Ok, in reality since the NDA has been lifted, I've actually been playing since the start of the Closed Beta. I've encountered numerous changes and really, if you idiots think some Mechs are OP and sometimes it's unplayable, well think of it this way, it was much worse on Closed Beta. But then, that's exactly what it was back then, and is now; IT'S STILL IN BETA!!!!

This isn't what the full game will look like. It's a close idea, but there's plenty more Mechs and implementations to come. Complaining like a whiny 'lil bitch won't change anything. Suck it up princess and learn to give constructive criticism.

/Rant Off

Now ignore my rant, I had to get that out and it's very important that I do, most people don't actually understand what Beta is. Now onto the important stuff, like the Catapult A1 and some of my thoughts and builds for it.

We all know about the Splatapult (aka the Splat-Cat), and I tell you what, it's not a "Cheese" build, it's a "OneTrick Pony". I understand that 6 SRM6s are extremely powerful, and when the CPLT-A1 surprises you or shoots your rear, you're almost always dead. But think, it's actually very easy to stay away from this Mech (unless it's got an XL Engine).

The range of the SRM6 (or any SRM for that matter) is at best, 270m. Most brawls are around this range, but there have been battles that are 400m in distance, even further if you consider Alpine peaks. This is a major drawback of the Splatapult, is that range, in addition to its "Large Ears" (Missile Pods). Once you destroy the Missile Pods, the mech is practically useless. If you stay away from it, the missiles can't hurt you.

It's not "OP", it's powerful yes, but it can be brought down (XL Engines and close range only are also a liability).

I have more thoughts about it, but I don't think you'd care. I too shall join the bandwagon and show off a build that I personally enjoy. I call it the "Poor man's Splatapult" because that's what it really is.

Splatapults generally have an XL300 Engine, Double Heatsinks, Endo Steel and Artemis IV, as well as the obligatory 6 SRM6s. However that's really expensive. I don't have enough to purchase an XL300 plus upgrades.

What my build requires is merely Artemis IV.
Base: Catapult CPLT-A1
Internal Structure: Standard
Engine: 260 Standard
Armour: 352 Standard (11 Tons)
Heat Sinks: 13 Standard

- 4x Artemis IV SRM 6 (5 Tons of Ammo)
- 2x SSRM 2 (1 Ton of Ammo)

Yes it is much weaker than the Splatapult we love and hate. But it is powerful when used correctly. Due to your speed, you're unable to chase down or close the distance with most Mechs (everyone uses XL Engines these days, just wait until Repair and Rearm comes back). Which means you as a Pilot must negate your weakness as you earn enough to get that XL Engine.

Protect an Assault Mech, or at least, stick close to one. Use them as a shield as you close the distance. From there stay around them, but break off to unleash your SRMs. Think of yourself as a Defender. You're there to scare anyone away who may dare "Sneak Attack" an Assault Mech. You've got the punch to do so.

Another way, is to use "Ambush" Tactics. You're speed - thanks to the excessive amounts of XL Engines - is really crap (in reality it's actually really good assuming Tabletop and Repair and Rearm). Ambushing an enemy is the best way to go, and the best way to negate some of your weaknesses.

It may be several minutes before you actually start fighting, but be patient, "The patient hunter get's his kill".

As a small Hobby, every-so-often I will write a post about MW:O, specifically a build that I enjoy using and is actually pretty decent. It'll almost always be a "Poor man's" build.

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