Tuesday, 9 December 2014

MechWarrior: Online - King Crab Sneak Peak (Details)

Well guess what? Varro is back baby!! Did ya miss me? Probably not :P

And to celebrate my return to the blogging and gaming industry, is some really super sweet information that I found! And it's all about the King Crab (courtesy of NGNG). I'll be replicating all information and images here along with my thoughts. Saves you from more linkage.

Check it out right meow!

So this is where the information was posted: [Link]

So first of all, the three King Crab variants we'll be seeing in the game, are the loyalty King Crab, the KGC-000(L), along with the the standard variants KGC-0000 and KGC-000B.

The KGC-000(L) or KGC-000 comes with 6 Ballistic Hardpoints, 2 Energy Hardpoints and 2 Missile Hardpoints. I tell you, the quirks for this thing are AC20 specific... You'd think it'll have some generic quirks like the other King Crabs... but it doesn't. Not that I'll be using anything outside of twin AC20s. BUT the thought of using 3 AC5s and 3 AC2s or anything of that combination would be super cool!!

The next King Crab variant, the KGC-0000 comes with 2 Ballistic Hardpoints, 4 Energy Hardpoints and 4 Missile Hardpoints. It comes with some all-purpose quirks which make this King Crab, maybe one of the better variants. We'll have to see about that eventually. However I do quite like this variant a lot. It'll be extremely hard to make use of all 10 Hardpoints; but I can see some AC20 and SRM4/SRM6 combinations working extremely well. Alternatively, I can see multiple lasers and Gauss working as well. It's a mixed candy, but I like it!

Last but not least, the KGC-000B. This King Crab variant is extremely all-purpose. See, it comes with 4 Ballistic Hardpoints, 3 Energy Hardpoints and 3 Missile Hardpoints. It even comes with Double Heat Sinks already upgraded and good to go! Along with Artemis. Now the reason I say it's extremely all-purpose, is cos from that hardpoint setup, it can be built to fill any role you want. I can see it doing twin AC20 and 2 Large Lasers, or perhaps quad AC5s, maybe even 2 UAC5s and 2 AC2 combos. If you want Gauss and multiple lasers, voila it can do that. Once again, the quirks are very all-purpose like the KGC-0000. So it can be built to cater whatever the pilot feels like.

Not only does the King Crab look to be super badass, it LOOKS super BADASS!! Just look at the first image above, of the Loyalty King Crab. It looks simply beautiful!!

I shall now leave you with all the images replicated here.

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