Saturday, 6 June 2015

MH4U - Blademaster Armour Spotlight (Nargacuga X)

After a super long hiatus, I am ready to declare that I am back. For all intense and purposes, I've been concentrating purely on uni with very little, well limiting myself to a few select games. One of which is Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. If I'm not concentrating on uni I'm messing around with my mates on MH4U.

So at this stage in time, I've now sunk over 400 hours into MH4U, I'm at G Special, Gold Crown. I am unfortunately, a Fashion Hunter. I really hate having to stare at my own character who might potentially look like a complete clown/fool. So to compensate, I find armours which are generally a full set and have a pretty good set of skills. So here's today's Armour Spotlight!

One of my personal favourite armours in this game is the Nargacuga Armour. It literally makes your character look like a shinobi (ninja). The fishnet chest on the male (I toon is male), does annoy me at time, but ignoring that the armour simply looks awesome. The female, heh probably one of the best female looking armours IMHO.

So the question now is, why does this armour deserve a spotlight? What makes it so good? First things first, it's a Rare 9 Armour, so it has decent armour values. But that doesn't just make the armour. No the skills it retains is pretty amazing (least it fits my playstyle perfectly).

See, I'm an evade player. I prefer to dodge more than block. The way I see it, "why take the chance on getting hit and taking chip damage, isn't it better to just simply avoid the damage altogether?"

With that in mind, the Nargacuga X armour comes with the 2 primary skills for an evade player straight off the bat. It has Evasion +15 and Evade Dist +10. Meaning you have Evasion +2 (extends the invulnerability period when evading) and Evade Extender (increases evade distance). So not only do you have a much higher chance of dodging an attack, you can dodge a further distance. Very straight forward and key skills for an evade type player.

Next on the list, which in truth, is a bit of a meh skill, but nice to have is Sense +10. Which gives the skill Sneak (decreases the likelihood of being targeted by monsters). Not a great skill, but nice to have if it comes stock. Tenderizer and Handicraft are at +4 and it comes with Stamina -10.

So here's the list of Skills
  • Evasion +15
  • Sense +10
  • Evade Dist +10
  • Tenderizer +4
  • Handicraft +4
  • Stamina -10

And here's the list of Slots. There's 7 slots in total, which truth be told, is a nice amount, but not a lot... It could be better.
  • Head: 1 Slot
  • Chest: 1 Slot
  • Arms: 2 Slots
  • Waist: 3 Slots
  • Legs: No Slots

So in my eyes, this armour can easily grab Sharpness +1 (Handicraft +10) and Evasion +3 (Evasion +20). By doing this, one can easily obtain an extremely versatile armour set which can be used for various weapons (I use this armour for Switchaxe, Insect Glaive, Dual Blades and Longsword).

The way I have it gemmed out is as follows. It doesn't require a super specific and demanding talisman. Actually very easy to acquire. You need a Handicraft +3 (minimum) with 1 Slot or Evasion +1 (minimum) with 3 Slots. Hell you could probably do with any old random 3 Slot Talisman if you plan to use a weapon talisman. Or any random talisman with 1 Slot with a Weapon that has 3 Slots. Not remotely demanding in any way shape or form. I personally just use my Handicraft + 3 with 1 Slot Talisman cos I CBF sifting through all my Talismans.

I also use this armour with my Charge Blade set (Freestyle/Style 4 - See Gaijin Hunter's Charge Blade Styles).

So the Skills are:
  • Evasion +2
  • Evade Extender
  • Guard Boost
  • Sharpness +1
  • Sneak

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