Sunday, 8 February 2015

MechWarrior: Online - Panther and Enforcer Screenshots and Quirks Announced

For those of you interested, just a couple days ago (I think), PGI released 2 Screenshots of the Panther and the Enforcer with their respective unique Resistance Pattern. In addition, the quirks of both have been released as well.

Truth be told, the Panther on paper seems pretty sub-par. It's best engine is an XL250 so it'll barely be able to compete with Light Mechs such as the Raven, Jenner and Firestarter. Only thing it has going for it, is being a decent sniper with really good ERPPC quirks. But that speed loss will ruin it IMHO. However I will admit, the Panther's in-game model looks pretty darn awesome!!

The Enforcer however; well it doesn't look as awesome as the concept art I feel. It feels a little derpy. The quirks however aren't that bad. It feels like a slightly nerfed Centurion with Jump Jets. That's what I feel; but I can be wrong and it'll be pretty fantastic.

Check out the Screenshots and Quirks Right Meow!!

Enforcer ENF-5D(R)

  • Additional Structure (LA) +8
  • Additional Structure (RA) +8
  • Additional Structure (LL) +12
  • Additional Structure (RL) +12
  • Torso Turn Rate (Yaw) +25%
  • Ballistic Range +10%
  • Ballistic Velocity +10%
  • Ballistic Cooldown +10%
  • Laser Duration -12.5%
  • LB 10-X Range +10%
  • LB 10-X Velocity +10%
  • LB 10-X Cooldown +10%
  • 30% C-Bill bonus

Panther PNT-10K(R)

  • Acceleration Rate (Low, Med, High) +15%
  • Deceleration Rate (Low, Med, High) +15%
  • Turn Rate (Low, Med, High) +10%
  • Additional Structure (RA) +12
  • Additional Structure (LL) +6
  • Additional Structure (RL) +6
  • Energy Cooldown +12.5%
  • Energy Heat Generation -12.5%
  • Missile Range +15%
  • Missile Cooldown +15%
  • ER PPC Velocity +40%
  • ER PPC Cooldown +12.5%
  • ER PPC Heat Generation -12.5%
  • 30% C-Bill bonus

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