Sunday, 25 March 2012

145 Citadel Paints?

Since I've been having fun for my birthday, I never actually bothered to keep tabs on Games Workshop this week. Until now. I just realised Games Workshop released 145 Paints!! 145!! That's a bloody huge amount and a bloody huge amount of colours. And the funny thing is, I actually see the difference in colour. So far it does not appear to be those dreadful idea of colours i.e. The difference between say a Blue and Light Blue is a TINY gradient of white or something like there. There is actually a difference and you see it. Good choice Games Workshop. That's the only major plus I've seen from you since you started jacking up the price!!

Once I get a handle of my time management (got assignments due this week), I'll (re)begin work on my Luna Wolves, this time possibly using the Citadel Layer: White Scar. I'm really gonna enjoy those Citadel Layers. Also the Citadel Dry :D

Seeing as how I'm more a painter than a gamer, I truly must say I'm quite ecstatic over the release of 145 Paints. Not all will be useful, just a couple here and there.

Taken from the "Games Workshop" website (

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