Tuesday, 20 March 2012

What Mech would you like to see in MechWarrior: Online?

As the title says really. What Mech would you want to see in MechWarrior: Online? Yes I know, perhaps I should leave this on the forums, but you know what? I can explain why I want to see a certain Mech. Or just blabber on randomly.

The 2 Mechs I would love to see are the Timber Wolf (Mad Cat) and the Nova Cat. I truly can't believe I forgot about the Mad Cat. It was only today when my mate reminded me of it. His favourite Mech is the Mad Cat MK2 with its Guass Rifles, LRM-10s and Medium Lasers and very odd for an Assault Class Mech, Jump Jets. Truly that's the first time I've ever seen an Assault Mech have Jump Jets. But it is powerful. For me however, I prefer the classic Mad Cat (or Timber Wolf, same difference). If we can get a hold of this Mech, I'll be spending my C-bills to make the Pryde configuration. It's got some kick at both long and short ranges... and Jump Jets to boot. The other configuration I'll take/make is the Alt. Config. H.

The Nova Cat would be quite enjoyable to play too. Afterall, who doesn't like a barbecue? No really, melt that Mech with your huge array of Lasers. Tho heat will really be a massive issue. Still, if they offer both, I'll be picking the Mad Cat. It's my favourite Mech :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (http://mwomercs.com/)

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