Sunday, 4 March 2012

And We Are Live!

Thaddues here, or rather, SGT-Thaddeus to those who know me through my deviantART (DA) page... account... thing. So if you see images (by me) on both here and on DA, no need to report anything. We are the same person.

Now, why did I create a blog? Well because, believe it or not, it's my homework. I kid you not, it is my homework to create a blog, and maintain it for approximately 12 weeks. And so I shall, and I shall continue to maintain and continue this blog for sometime. After all, it keeps me from being lazy. Meaning, I now have to keep painting so I can try to have at least 1 post per week.

So to begin my 1st post, I shall show off my best painted miniature. This is my 2nd attempt at painting white, or rather white armour. I still got a lot of practice to go, but I'm really proud of this (apologies for the lack of base).

PS: I shall be posting more pictures of my miniatures here than my DA account.

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