Sunday, 4 March 2012

Monash University: Week 1

Each week I must have at least 1 post on Uni. Sort of like a review on each of my weeks. Least that's what I assume. All I have to talk about is; what was that week like, any likes or dislikes etc.

So, my 1st week of Uni, it was fun yet stressful. I've already got 2 assignments, 1 of which I have very little idea of what to do. The fun part of Uni is making new friends. I came to Monash Caulfield with no friends (i.e. all my friends went to the Clayton Campus leaving me with no one). The new friends I made are great group of dudes and dudettes. What more can I say? They are awesome people who passed the "Awesome Test" (the Awesome Test being a judgment to see if I find them to be awesome).

Onto the Lectures. FIT1004's Lecture is quite boring to tell the truth. The Lecturer speaks with a, heavy-ish accent, which I find hard to understand. Though the Tutorial is quite a joy. FIT1039 is quite an enjoyable subject to be in. It's what got me to create this blog. Also, what's not to like about "creating" websites? The Lecturer is quite an interesting person, a very good public speaker. Least he can keep me entertained long enough to stay awake till the Lecture is over haha. Yes, I should not speak ill of him, seeing as how he will be reading this haha. This is my homework and he has to check it.

FIT1002 is quite interesting. I remain neutral on this, since the Lecturer seems knowledgeable, but perhaps not a likable person. Give me time and perhaps I'll dislike him haha. I chose FIT2001 for reasons unknown. Thought I could do a 2nd year subject, but of course, I'm too dumb for anything taught in that class. So Monash allowed me to switch, and I must say, the Uni really helps when a student needs to assistance. Though it may be because I'm a first year student and they go out of their way to assist us.

Right, now I gotta go find someway to get this blog to my Lecturer, and I have no clue where and how.

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