Saturday, 10 March 2012

Monash University: Week 2

Right another week, and another review kind of thing. Second week of Uni ain't so bad. Though I'm beginning to succumb to that mentality they keep talking about; "First week all students will be quite excited. By third week they'll feel that Uni is becoming chore." I'm still gonna keep on going, hell I'm paying to learn and that's what I expect. Just that excitement is lost.

FIT1004; is as boring as usual, still not fond of the Lecturer. To me it appears she just reads off the slide, there really is no "new" information I need to write down. Basically if I just pre-read the Lecture notes, then I'll already know everything there is to know about that Lecture. Nothing new to be added besides mundane examples.

FIT1039; I really quite enjoy. The Lecture is quite entertaining still. And hey! If I tweet my coffee order the Lecturer will get it!! It's awesome! Too bad I don't have a Twitter account... I'll get round to making that... The Tutorial however is absolutely dreadful and boring. Worst Tute/Lab out of all the subjects. Namely due to the shoddy internet (though there are other factors). Which leads me to another note. Uni appears to hate under 18 year olds. They refuse to allow access to any of us. Which absolutely sucks!! I understand why to a certain degree. But I hate it. Makes me feel discriminated against.

FIT1038; I have nothing to talk about but FIT1002 is surprisingly entertaining. Who ever thought programming would be quite fun!? The idea that there's 50+ ways to right a code (think that's the name, can't quite recall) for something entirely random is really quite appealing. There is no right or wrong (unless you right the code for something that isn't needed). I find it quite entertaining.

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