Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Registered my name in MechWarrior: Online

As the title suggests, I have now finally registered my name for MechWarrior: Online (and about time too). Just a note, don't wait a very long time before you register your name, someone has now take the name Thaddeus and Sgt Thaddeus I believe. Tho I don't blame you, it is an awesome name! So I went to my fallback name Varro Thaddeus. Very fitting name for a pilot I say.

Anywho, really can't wait for this game! Been waiting for a Mech game for ages (got my love of Mechwarrior from my dad haha)! If things go my way, me and my friends will be able to form a Clan/Lance. That way we should be able to allocate roles for each of us! Can't wait! This shall be good. For me, it's either a Medium, Heavy or an Atlas (my favourite Mech for some strange reason).

Edit: I actually would really love to pilot a Catapult. A heavily modified one such as the CPLT-H2 and the CPLT-K4 Variants. That way it can switch into the Defensive role I wish to play. Tho then again, I could take the Assault (or Artillery if me and my friends organise our "prefect" team) and have someone defend me. Now that'll be kinda cool haha :)

Taken from the "MechWarrior: Online" website (http://mwomercs.com/)

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