Sunday, 18 March 2012

Monash University: Week 3

Right, perhaps a little. But I have been busy. Finishing off my assignments for one, playing Mass Effect 3 for another and also got my birthday to sort out (coming Thursday). This week's review is a short one. This week has redeeming factors for FIT1039. The people in there are becoming more and more friendly and talkative. Less people being shy and it's no longer a one-sided conversation!! Finally, I hate doing all the talking and feel like I'm being ignored haha. Also the work is becoming fun! Which is always a plus.

The other 3 subjects I'm indifferent about. Not much to actually say about them actually. It's sort of like "another week at uni" mentality. Still I prefer uni to high school. Not many people can cope with such freedom, but hey, time management is key!! Or at least being well organised, something I'm (surprisingly) good at haha!

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