Friday, 29 June 2012

Pre-Heresy Luna Wolves (WIP) 1

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Well, now that horrendous uni is over, I can finally begin work on my project. About time too! I've been looking to do a new Space Marine army for some time. An army with awesome characters (to tell some form of a narrative battle) and with a white colour scheme. And Luna Wolves fit the bill. Tho they might also be Star Phantoms. I really can't decide which Legion or Chapter to choose. And with 6th Edition coming out tomorrow, I really can't decide.

I'm thinking Luna Wolves - 23rd Company (using Codex: Space Marine) as the main force and an Allied Detachment of Thousand Sons (using Codex: Grey Knights). But truth be told I dunno. Any ideas?

Anyway, some more images of my WIP models. Just more images of the 4 above. I have another 2 Marines with Lascannons (it would appear in 6th Edition that Lascannons are much more worthwhile for anti-tank purposes than Missile Launchers).

Backpack is "tacked" on

This guy is a very simple conversion. Least  I hope people noticed the conversion!! He represents either a Space Marine Sergeant or possibly a Captain. Not sure which. Blame 6th Edition, it has made some dramatic changes. Seems like there IS a difference between a Power Sword and a Power Axe, which I must say is very true. Tho the sad thing is that a Power Sword might not be effective against a Terminator whatsoever now. Or against anything that has a 2+ Armour Save.

Backpack is "tacked" on

When I first built this guy I had envisioned him to be a Space Marine Sergeant who has earned the right to carry his Company's banner, or perhaps the 23rd Company Captain's personal Banner. Hence wise he carries the banner unlike the rest of the Sergeants who'll have Back Banners.

Tho I had a fear. Since all close combat weapons are changing in 6th Edition, I was afraid a Power Fist will be nerfed so badly I'd have to tear off my perfectly converted right arm Power Fist. Tho it would appear that a Power Fist hasn't been nerfed. Apparently it still doubles your strength, and is AP2 strike at I1.

Backpacks and Guns are both "tacked" on

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