Friday, 29 June 2012

6th Edition Thoughts (One day before 6th Edition Release)

Right so 6th Edition is literally just around the corner. And I've read a lot about the massive changes via some other blogs, forums and from those videos by Games Workshop (tho they seriously have to turn down the volume of the music). I'm afraid of the change, but also welcome it. So far, it appears to be much, much better than 5th Edition. So, here are my thoughts based on what's flying around the internet and the White Dwarf.

So what are the changes?
Well the change that worries me the most, Assault and the Close Combat Weapons. Assault is now 2D6, which theoretically sounds good, you can move 6" and charge approx. 12". But for me, that's a bit too random. Least with my luck I'll be charging with a range of only 4" haha. Ok perhaps it's not too bad, but it does deter some people with Assault armies, like Orks. If you roll badly, you've just walked out into no-man's-land so you can get shot with no benefit whatsoever. And with Orks and their nude-ness/paper-thin armour then it truly can screw you over.

Close Combat Weapons also worry me. I welcome the changes, because the weapons feel slightly more realistic. Note that all Close Combat Weapons now have an AP value.

Power Swords have an AP3 - Which is mighty fine, they can kill most stuff anyway, Terminators and anyone with a 2+ Armour Save might be difficult tho.

Power Axes have an AP2 and +1S, but you strike at I1 - What I like; Axes are truly Axes now. An Axe has always struck harder than a Sword and is slower. Tho the I1 seems a tad pathetic. If you told me it was strike at I3 or perhaps -1 or -2 Intiative, I'd say, understandable. Least they can harm Terminators tho. In comparison to a Power Fist, well, you're gonna prefer the Fist.

Power Fists have an AP2 and double you S, but you strike at I1 - Nothing has changed much. They still double your strength and you strike at I1. AP2, is quite normal. They can harm Terminators still. But yeah, I really can't see why you'd bother with a Power Axe. They both have same AP and strike at I1. But one doubles your Strength, the other +1. Perhaps cost is a difference? Or perhaps, the info is wrong. We'll have to wait and see.

Chainfist have an AP2 and double you S, but you strike at I1, and you still have that 2D6 vs Tanks - Nothing has changed really.

Lightning Claws have an AP3 and I dunno what else - That's actually all the info I know about the Lightning Claws. I would believe they are similar to their older versions...

And there are heaps more Weapons, like Force Weapons etc. But I seriously have no clue what has changed with them. Hopefully it's for the better.

Shooting has changed slightly. There's this Snap Fire thing where you're able to shoot in cases you're not normally able to shoot (i.e. moving and shooting Heavy Weapons). You fire at BS1 however. I actually really like this. Means Tactical Marines just got better. Specially when they have a Heavy Bolter.

And apparently you can move and shoot Rapid Fire Weapons and your maximum range? If so, I hope there's a -1 Modifier or something, that would be very nice and realistic. You try running and firing an a Fully-Automatic Machine Gun and see how accurate you are :P

Overwatch is a cool thing too. Stand and Shoot response basically. You shoot at BS1 too. Ork players would benefit most out of this. After all, they're the ones with the most practice on how to roll those 5s and 6s when shooting haha ;) There ain't much difference between BS2 and BS1 :P

But seriously, this is both really good for Shooty armies but terrible with Assault armies. Least, more terrible thanks to the random Assault range. Tho this is a "worst case scenario".

Allied Detachment
I've got nothing to say on Allied detachment other than to say I like it.

Those armies without fliers really need an FAQ that adds one. Something like the Storm Eagle for all Space Marine armies. Fliers seem to be the new Hype and are apparently really good?

Anyway, that's all speculation and my thoughts. There's more changes, but those are what's currently on my mind.

Note: Nothing is truly confirmed - rule-wise - till 6th Edition is released. But they really need to bring out those FAQs on the day of release too.

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