Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Monash's crap timetabling skills!!

Seriously, Monash has a severe issue with their timetabling service. They can never seem to get it right. It's just a big MASSIVE FAIL!! I had to drop the subjects that I WANTED to avoid a f***ing 12 hour day. And that is a 12 hour day WITHOUT breaks!! And I kid you not, that's what my timetable was!!

Monash's staff want to make sure that their students timetable are ethically and physically correct so that students will always be ready to learn. Yeah load of bull!! A 12 hour day without breaks? How is that physically doable? How can you be in tip top condition to learn when there are no breaks? Lectures? Really you can sleep in Lectures or skip them? Mate, I came to Monash to LEARN!! Something that I actually want to do.

But I can't. Had to drop my subjects and change em so I could learn. Or at least, be in tip top condition to learn.

Now I have to say something good about Monash, otherwise, they could kick me out or something. So what is there good to say about Monash? My new current timetable is doable. And at least I'm able to change it...

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