Saturday, 6 October 2012

Chaos Space Marine Codex in Hand!!

My beautiful cat Mia, reading the new Chaos Space Marine Codex.
As the title says, I have recently got my hands on the new Chaos Space Marine Codex. The Codex is released on the 6 of October, and in Australia, we're in the future!! Yes that was a time joke...

Now anyway, the new Codex is absolutely amazing!! It's similar the the 3rd Edition Codex. Similar with awesome new stuff!! Like Mutilators who are just BEAST!! There have been a few nerfs like Obliterators having only S4 and T4. But otherwise everything is all good. Daemon Princes don't come with their standard 3+ armour save (just think the Chaos Daemons Codex in terms of Daemon Prince, but much more stronger).

The Codex also does one fantastic thing. If you want a dedicated army (i.e. Khorne/Slaanesh/Nurgle/Tzeentch army) you can. Nearly every infantry unit can take a Mark of Chaos, including Obliterators. Admittedly it can be a waste of points, but if you're sticking strictly to a theme (like World Eaters army where everything must take the Mark of Khorne) then you can, even if it's a waste giving an Obliterator the Mark of Khorne.

Points cost has gotten cheaper all round, however if you upgrade them to become a beast!! then well, things get super expensive.

Also, there are no more Chaos Dreadnoughts. The Dreadnought has basically been replaced with the Hellbrute [Insert Troll Flame]. But you know what, screw you trolls, it's actually pretty cool. It's basically exactly like the old Chaos Dreadnought, and even suffers from Crazed!! But wait, there's more!! Crazed only happens when the Hellbrute takes a Penetrating/Glancing hit and is not destroyed. So it only becomes crazed when it gets hurt!! And It doesn't even shoot your own allies!! Or harm them!! It is now a viable unit!! Even if it can be glanced to death, who cares? It's still viable!!

Also, rumours are true about the Chaos Boons Table. Just think Warriors of Chaos from Warhammer Fantasy. And it you roll two 6s on a D6. Say hello to a Daemon Prince. And for every Champion who rolls this result, they too will become a Daemon Prince (if you're real lucky).

Anywho, there's more to say, but I ain't gonna say more (I still have to read it, then re-read then re-read again... etc.).

Got any questions, ask em in the comments section and I'll see what I can do to answer them (I will not answer anything about Points cost however, and anything else that I deem shouldn't be answered). But I'll try to answer everything ;)

But anywho, seriously, buy the Chaos Space Marine Codex. It is so worth it!! Much more worth while than buying the rumoures Dark Angel Codex anyway... Chaos are much more trustworthy than Lion El Johnson... After all, he could've saved the Emperor if he didn't slow down his vessel...

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