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Guild Wars 2: Beginners Guide (Character Creation) - Written by a Noob

I am so not dead yet. Just cos I haven't written on my blog for more than a month don't mean I'm dead. I was busy with Uni exams... exams are the sin of this world... Not that you care anyway. You're more interested in the title ay?

Yes I recently started playing Guild Wars 2, and I tell ya, it is sooo much fun! Easily one of the best MMORPGs I've ever played!! Hell, probably the best I've played.

Anywho as the title states I shall be writing a quick Beginners Guide to Guild Wars 2. It's written by a noob, as I haven't even got a Character higher than level 20. But this guide is for the beginner, beginners. For those who've yet to buy the game.

Now first thing's first, once you've bought the game, installed it and created your account. It's time to move to the server select. Pick a server that's right for you. I'm an aussie, so I always picked the Oceanic server, but wait, there is no Oceanic server! This means you pick the Pseudo-Aussie server (aka the Unofficial Oceanic Server). Sea of Sorrows is full, so do a little but of research and find the server that's right for you.

Now onto the more important parts. 

When you create a Character, you'll first start off choosing your Race, Gender and Profession (for those who don't know, a Profession is basically akin to a Class). You have 5 races to choose from:
Each race has their own unique racial skills, and really, there is no "best" race and/or racial skill. Each skill has their uses, but as far as I'm concerned, you'd be spending your skill points in your Profession's Skill. So pick a race that you like.

Notes: Check out the links to find the lore and racial abilities of each Race. Find what you like and play that race.

Again, as with most MMOs, pick a Gender, Male or Female. Simple right? Once that's done pick a Profession. You have 8 Professions to choose from, each categorised into "Soldiers", "Adventurers" and "Scholars". Each profession also has their own unique skills and abilities. Also when the same weapon is wielded by a different profession, that weapon is used differently. Such as a Warrior wielding a Greatsword would smash things in close combat, whereas a Mesmer would cast spells via that Greatsword.

Notes: I haven't played all the classes, so I can't exactly give you the basic rundown on each Profession. So I recommend you check out the links provided to find out what weapons they use, and what their abilities have.

In the "Soldiers" category are Warriors and Guardians. All soldiers wear Heavy Armour hence have the most protection, armour wise.
In the "Adventurers" category are Engineer, Ranger and Thief. All adventurers wear Medium Armour, so think Leather Armour.
In the "Scholars" category are Elementalist, Mesmer and Necromancer. All scholars wear Light Armour, so think Cloth. Also think squishy.
Once the profession is chosen, simply customise the look of your character.

Once you've picked your profession and customised your look, you now have a fair amount of questions to answer. This is your biography (of the character). This will determine your character's Personal Story. Quests and others interactions may change depending on what was answered. In addition, during actual gameplay, your choices may affect which quest you do, and how others interact with you.

Simply check out the Biography list here. But again, really, just answer the questions that feel right to you, or that may give you the most fun.

Now name your character and play.

I've always been more of a Roleplay type player. Meaning when I pick a Profession, I always think "What Race would suit that profession?".

In my opinion these are the races with what I believe could be a more preferable profession that they would pick.

Preferred: Engineer, Elementalist, Mesmer
Maybe Preferred: Warrior
Reason: Asura are described as "alchemagical inventors" which means they relate more to Engineers and Casters. Warrior is a Maybe, as all Races would have some Warrior Caste, tho this could be filled by their Robots and Engineers.

Preferred: Warrior, Engineer
Maybe Preferred: Ranger
Reason: Charr are described as warlike, they were forged in war, war defines them. However, they are also technologically advanced. So I see them as Warriors and Engineers. Warriors are the epitome of Soldiers and War. However, Ranger is a Maybe, as their role could be as Scouts. They have a practical use during War.

Preferred: Everything
Reason: Humans have always been adaptable. We try everything, and when we want to learn something, we normally go for it. You and I are human. Least I hope you're human, otherwise, "Hi, how are you?" if you're not a Human.

Preferred: Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist
Maybe Preferred: Guardian
Reason: Norn I feel they are similar and based off Norse Mythology, Vikings and Scandinavians. Remember those Vikings from Bards Tale? Where they're gigantic in size, least larger than Humans. That's what I see Norns as. They're big, love a good story etc. Actually, think Space Wolves. That may be a good comparison. Hence I see these guys as Warriors and Rangers. Elementalist I view as maybe Shamanistic. Controls the energies of Nature. Guardian is a Maybe, as it seems like it suit them, but then it doesn't.

Preferred: Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist
Maybe Preferred: Necromancer
Reason: Sylvari I feel are like Dryads and Elves. They are also Plants, so they lean more to nature. So I see them was Warriors and especially Rangers. Elementalist is for the same reason as Norn, maybe Shamanistic. Necromancer is a Maybe, as death is natural. At some point in time, we'll all die, it's part of nature.

Advice and Tips
  • When you first start the game, create a "Dummy" character to play. Why? Well this character is what you'll use to get the "feel" of the game. Meaning, with this "Dummy", you learn the combat, skills of the character, and maybe figure out if this class is right for you. That way you understand the way the game is played. This is really important when this is your first time playing Guild Wars 2.
  • Once you understand the game or rather, get a "feel" for it (via the Dummy), simply transfer all the goodies you pick up and hand them over to your real character, then delete the Dummy.
  • Play for FUN, not for Stats/Numbers. Seriously, if you play for Stats and Numbers, then you'll pick a Race and Profession which will bore you. You won't have any fun. Personalise yourself with the character. Think that, if this was you in another world, what would you be.

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