Saturday, 22 September 2012

(AWESOME) Chaos Space Marine Release

Games Workshop have just released (via their website) a whole host of Chaos Miniatures PLUS the new Chaos Codex!! I'm sooo relieved it's Chaos getting their Codex and not crappy, shitty, evil, untrustworthy Dark Angels.

Anywho, enough of me blatantly showing my hatred for Dark Angels and trolling them. Time to check out the Chaos Models.

On Games Workshop's Advance Orders ( are: Actually, instead of listing them. How about you just click the link.

Now you can listen to (more appropriately to read) me rant on some of my favourite stuff from the Advance Orders :)
Main thing people will notice is the Dragon known as a Heldrake (a drake is still a dragon mind you). I tell you, it looks like one fine mad beast!! What's not to love about having a Dragon as part of your army, flying around and shooting things with lasers... (and bullets). Classic Scaly Dragons who breath fire were so last year. Now it's time for big Metal Dragon who fires LASEERRRRS!! (And bullets). I actually surprisingly like the look of it. The rumour images and so on, didn't do it justice a few days back, but heck, this thing looks pretty awesome!!

The next thing people will notice are the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend. Unfortunately I don't actually like the look of this model much. It looks kinda odd... The Forgefiend does anyway. I dunno. Might just be that Cannon face. I don't like it. I love the arms tho, those big shooty kill everything guns (specifically Dark Angels). But nah, not liking the Forgefiend. The Maulerfiend however looks pretty cool. It looks like a Tyranid Carnifex that had been robotised. Or rather it looks like a big Metal Gorilla cross Rhino cross Wolf.

The next really AWESOME thing which I am absolutely LOVING!!! Are the Obliterators and Mutilators. Both have been done if Finecast (queue the "boo & hisses"). But seriously, they've gotten cheaper. $83 for 3 is actually pretty good seeing as how Obliterators back in the day were like $44 per ONE. I really love these models and I'm glad they kept the look. I don't like their face, but who cares, I shall be converting it to have a Terminator Head instead :)

Ok, plastic Raptors/Warp Talons... YES PLEASE!!! Those models simply look BRILLIANT!!! Specially the corrupted Pre-Heresy Jet Packs. These models actually look like they were part of the Traitor Legions who fled to the Eye of Terror.

The Warpsmith and Dark Apostle are pretty cool, and Iron Warriors and Word Bearers will definitely have plenty of them. Personally, I prefer the Warpsmith. He looks a tad more Awesome than the Dark Apostle (I still want both tho).

And last of my many favourites, the Chaos Sorcerer. I tell you, he looks like one fine beast. I do have an obsession with right arm wielding models. Hence why I convert some of mine to look like that. But heh, here he is already done for me. And he looks awesome. Admittedly he may trip over his robes during combat... but he's a Sorcerer, who needs to be in combat, just blow them up with spells. Job done :D

So, my Wish List, and I'll make it blatantly obvious for those who want to get me something (even if I insist you don't). If you want to get me a gift, money will be good, then I can slowly buy the models I want or you can follow the list (in a particular order)
  1. Chaos Space Marine Obliterators (
  2. Chaos Space Marine Mutilators (
  3. Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer (
  4. Chaos Space Marine Warpsmith (
  5. Chaos Space Marine Forgefiend/Maulerfiend (

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