Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Chaos Space Marine Obliterator Conversion

Rather than do another Tactica, I figured it's time to reveal my surprise!! I've been working on this recently. So recent... the base is still not finished!! But anywho, people keep complaining about how ugly the Obliterators and Mutiliators are. Well you know what? You can't see outside the box!!

Look at it from my perspective. Their rules are awesome; though that's unimportant. They look big, nasty and scary; they look exactly as fluff dictates them to look. Their heads are ugly; simple rectification, headswap!! Add a little bit of Greenstuff, and voila instant awesomeness!!

Seriously, instead of complaining about what Games Workshop is doing. praise them for what they have done right. They gave us a hobby we love and enjoy. As far as I know, they tore down their Facebook page due to constant abuse (we'll call that negative feedback as that's the term those trolls prefer to use).

Imagine yourself in their shoes. How would you feel to have constant negative feedback, thousands and thousands of negative feedback on a daily basis? And that feedbackisn't even constructive!! Think on that, then email Games Workshop telling them what you love about the hobby and maybe send some pics in...

Anyway, enough of this!! Let's look at me project ay!!

I used the Finecast Obliterators for this conversion. Very simple; just a headswap, bit of Greenstuff to cover the holes... Easy :)

The next set required a little more work. Using the Finecast Mutilators for this conversion; I cut away at the arms that I didn't like/want so I could replace it with a gun. You can probably guess where the weapons came from.

Remember to trim the weapons in a way that they would fit onto the Mutilator arm. Remember to measure before you cut, otherwise you could end up with an arm way too large or way too short!

Also note, that when you use Greenstuff make sure you try and follow the fleshy sinew of the arm, otherwise it won't look like an arm at all!!

One last group shot!!

Out of these 6 Obliterators, my favourite would have to be the ones converted from the Mutilators. The arms look gigantic!! Huge, muscular and bulky!! They are actually about the size of the pre-converted Mutilator arms.

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