Sunday, 24 February 2013

Forge World New Release: Abaddon and Loken

I missed out on the last several releases, least I forgot to post about it. And this one is a little bit late. But no matter! We have one of the most anticipated releases to date!! Abaddon vs Loken. This diorama release portrays one of the MOST iconic duels of all of Warhammer 40k.

This kit, is really just beautiful!! I absolutely love Abaddon's armour and weapon choice. You have the option of arming him with either a Power Sword or a Combi-Bolter!!

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Loken is also beautiful. Maybe not how I imagined him but nonetheless he looks awesome!! I can't tell what Mk his armour is, tho I suspect it is a modified or specialised Mk IV Power Armour.

This kit comes in a Black Presentation Box which includes a scenic base for both characters to stand upon, hence why I said diorama.

I really hope to see more characters by Forge World. Characters like Saul Tarvitz or Nathaniel Garro. Seeing what Forge World has done to portray these 2 iconic characters, I really hope and can't wait to see what/who's next!!

Images courtesy of Forge World

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