Monday, 20 January 2014

Pokémon X & Y - 6 Spare Charmanders!

Image courtesy of Bulbapedia

As per the title, I currently have 6 spare Charmanders up for trade. More specifically, 6 spare Modest Charmanders with the Dragon Pulse Egg Move (not IV Checked and all Male).

Rather than give you a wall of text, I'll put it bluntly; I'm willing to trade them for something good. Something nice. I'm willing to accept most things; but expect some bargaining :P

The first person who is willing to offer me a Squirtle with the Rain Dish Hidden Ability (Nature and IVs do not matter) will instead get 1 of these Charmanders who will also have Pokérus.

Best way to contact me is to message me via my Facebook page. Specifically my Facebook page (not this Blog's Facebook). It'll be nice if you also "Like" and share the page. Once I reach a certain number of "Followers" I might just start offering Giveaways...

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  1. Gosh... I would totally trade, I'm all about Charmander; but alas, I'm a horrid human being, and haven't gotten around to getting the game yet. I think this is last poke i need in its direction though.

    1. You totally should get it!! I chose Pokemon Y rather than X. Always planned right from the start I was gonna pick Bulbasaur! Thanks to my old man, got my hands on a Charmander too. All that's left to complete the set is a Squirtle :)