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Pokémon X & Y - How to get a Sylveon

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As you all may or may not know, I received a 3DSXL and Pokémon Y for Christmas from my good friends Scarlet, Nekochii and AutumnRush of the Advent Cafe! So, that's practically what I've been playing for the past several weeks!

Ironically I haven't even reached the 7th Gym!! I've just been messing around trying to capture everything I can find, as well as leveling up cool Pokémon that I may or may not use in the Elite Four. Of these Pokémon are all the Eeveelutions (with the exception of Sylveon).

I don't ever intend to use Sylveon; but that doesn't mean I can't add it to my collection! And trying to get a Sylveon is perceived as generally difficult; but it's not. It's actually really, really simple and easy. It should take you approximately 10 minutes!

Here's a Step by Step guide on catching one.

Step 1
Catch yourself an Eevee. This can easily be done on Route 10; which is just North of Cyllage City (home of the 2nd Gym). Make sure the Eevee is level 19.

The reason for this, is that one of Sylveon's requirements is to know a Fairy type move, and a level 19 Eevee knows Baby-Doll Eyes; which easily fulfills that requirements.

Step 2
The next requirement is to have a lot of affection from your Eevee. Hence Pokémon-Amie. Last I checked on the net, everyone says that you need to have max (5) Affection, Fullness and Enjoyment. This is absolutely false. You simply need just 2 hearts in Affection; nothing more, nothing less.

Getting these 2 hearts is really, really simple. You just need a knack for those Pokémon-Amie mini-games.

I'll assume you have a freshly caught level 19 Eevee. To get 2 hearts really quickly and easily; you need to first feed it 5 Deluxe Poké Puffs (it's the one with the swirled frosting and a topping). Now the Fullness should either be at 4 or 5, either or doesn't matter.

You now need to play 2 mini-games with it. Doesn't matter which mini-game, but I like to play Head It Unlimited. This will reduce the Fullness back down to 1.

From here, simply feed your Eevee another 5 Deluxe Poké Puffs and it should now be at 2 hearts. Sometimes it only takes an extra 2 Deluxe Poké Puffs and a few times petting it.

Step 3
Now you should have a level 19 Eevee with the move Baby-Doll Eyes and 2 hearts in Affection! Now just go out there and level it up. It should now evolve! Enjoy your Sylveon XD

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