Friday, 7 February 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Firestarter Ember Released and Build

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Well, it would appear that I'm quite late to the party! But hey, better late than never!! Would you look at that, we finally have a decent (actually pretty good) Light HeroMech!! After the annoyingly dreadful Light HeroMechs (Oxide and the Death's Smell) we have a pretty fantastic Light Mech!!

The Firestarter is one of my favourite Light Mechs... well lore wise. I mean the idea of setting the forest on fire to stop the oncoming assault? Perfect tactics. If only MW:O had destructible and burnable terrain; Flamers might actually be useful!

Anyway, one can assume Mech of this Month will be the Firestarter!

The Ember so far, is the only Light HeroMech that comes with Jump Jets. This actually makes it very quite useful. I don't need to say much more about Jump Jets, we know how good and useful they are on a Light Mech.

The Ember also comes with 4 Flamers and 4 Machine Guns. Not exactly a great combo (actually pretty useless); but hey we can easily replace those Flamers for Medium Lasers!! Now Machine Guns and Medium Lasers on a Light Mech are a surprisingly deadly combo!

Here's my idea for a build. Which I believe is the normal standard for the Ember.

Smurfy MechLab: [Link] 
Role: Scout/Harasser 
Speed: 136.5 kph  
Firepower: 20.40 
Armour: 238 
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups  
Primary Weapon Group: All 4 Machine Guns
Secondary Weapon Group: All 4 Medium Lasers

Have you noticed the other Firestarter Variants? We have the FS9-A, the FS9-H, the FS9-K and the FS9-S. All of which (with the exception of the FS9-S) has a minimum of 8 Weapon Hardpoints (the FS9-S has 7 Weapon Hardpoints and 2 AMS Hardpoints instead). I can think of some pretty nasty builds for all of them.

I have the feeling this Mech can replace the Jenner as the best Light Mech. It is technically slower as the Jenner has a max Engine rating of 300 whilst the Firestarter's max Engine is 295. But truth be told, the speed difference is very little. In addition, each Firestarter can mount the one of the best Jenner builds; 6 Medium Lasers and Jump Jets.

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