Monday, 28 April 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Stalker STK-5M Build

Like I said before in my Thunderbolt TDR-5SS Build; there's an incoming Stalker build and this is it! This is a super old STK-5M build of mine, way back in the day before Ghost Heat!! Who knew it would still work and melt faces here in the Ghost Heat days?!

Oh and normally in terms of Weapon Groups; I've never actually assigned (and used) all 6 Weapon Groups; I normally use like a maximum of 4... Not with this build!! You'll be wanting a mouse with at least an extra 4 buttons! I use a Logitech G300. Work's a charm, specially for this build!

Anyway I love this build; probs gonna mount a similar build onto my Misery and Battlemasters!

Check it out right meow!

STK-5M "Deathstar" (STD300, 5x LL & 1x AMS)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Support
Speed: 57.2 kph
Firepower: 45
Armour: 480
Cost: 11.1 mil (Approximately)

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Left Arm)
Secondary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Right Arm)
Tertiary Weapon Group: 1 Large Laser (Center Torso)

Quaternary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Left Arm + Chain Fire)
Quinary Weapon Group: 2 Large Lasers (Right Arm + Chain Fire)
Senary Weapon Group: All 5 Large Lasers (Chain Fire)

Yup!! Talk about Ghost Heat!! Mind you, NEVER Alpha Strike those lasers... you might just melt your enemy; but you'll most certainly melt yourself!! Ghost Heat is absolutely dreadful on this thing!

Regardless; this build requires the utmost heat management skills; totally not newb/noob friendly.

When firing your lasers; choose which side you need to fire. For example; if my left side is sticking out, I fire my Left Arm lasers. When out in the open field, I still fire either arm laser. Never fire both at the same time, unless you're certain they will die from 4 lasers.

Instead, the idea here is to manually "Chain Fire" your lasers. This is what I do; fire Left Arm lasers, then fire Right Arm lasers, then fire Center Torso Laser. And repeat this process till the enemy melts. Sounds simple enough, no?

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