Saturday, 20 April 2013

MechWarrior: Online - CPLT-C4 Build

Update 1: This build is now outdated, however it is still usable, but not recommended.

Image courtesy of the MechWarrior: Online Wiki

I have a profane love for Catapults. I guess it's maybe because they're the closest thing there is to my beloved Marauder (Cataphracts just don't look right). The Catapult just looks awesome to me!! Reversed legs have always looked fantastic on "bestial" Mechs.
But all that's unimportant. What's important is how effective they are; and I have 3 very effective Catapult builds for 3 different Catapults. These 3 Catapults are "The Catapult Brothers" and are named "Jager", "Panzer" and Schneider". Each "Catapult Brother" has 1 and only 1 upgrade
 I don't buy MC, not because I don't want to support the game, but because I actually have no credit card... and I'm kinda poor. So that means I have to make do with what I got and slowly grind C-Bills. Which means I have to make do with cheap (C-Bills wise) Mechs. With that in mind, it's time I reveal some useful (yet cheap) builds.
Thanks to the recent LRM/SRM nerf, the damage output of this mech has significantly dropped. However anyone who says SRMs are completely nonviable now; can say it to my 4 SRM 6 + Artemis Cat. This Catapult brother is known as the Panzer.

One can argue that boating SRMs are much better on the CPLT-A1, but that Mech is a one trick pony. Once those pods are gone, that Mech is finished. The Panzer however, doesn't care. I can still retain my "Primary Weapons and Secondary Weapons" mentality with 2 Medium Lasers.

CPLT-Panzer MK. I < MechLab Link

Yeah I know, heat issues and why Standard Heat Sinks? Well this is the cheap version. You'll use this to grind up the C-Bills to buy those Double Heat Sinks

This Mech has 2 roles to fulfill. Either you Ambush or you Defend your best friend, the Atlas. Exclusively use your SRMs. Don't even bother to use those Medium Lasers unless you have to (such as against Light Mechs, or you're out of ammo).

However, with the way things are currently (Poptarts and Snipers), brawling seems to be a thing of the past. But maybe it's like fashion ay, it's just a fad; wait it out.

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