Tuesday, 31 December 2013

It's a new year!

It's that time of year again; that time where we look back and reflect upon what we have accomplished, or done through the year.

For me; this year has been super successful in terms of this blog. When this blog first started, I didn't really have a goal, other than if I posted something 1 week, I'd get an extra 3% on unit. Which made the difference between me going from that Distinction to a High Distinction.

But then; this year came along, and I decided this blog needed to go somewhere. I didn't want to be some generic blog on the internet. I wanted it to be something. And I believe I've achieved it. I don't need the big 1 million hits per year. I'm simply happy with 5000 per Month (12000 per year).

Reasoning; I have a dedicated viewer base. You know who you are, and I do too (least some of you). I've met you in-game once before. I might have killed you, lost to you, or been on the same team. I still remember the encounter.

In terms of blogging and posting; I now have a a nice 150 posts. Most of it should be filled with nice builds; and snippets of information, now old. But regardless, I stayed true to my goal and achieved 1 post per week! I'm happy with 2013.

What happened to my YouTube channel? It's technically been created, but during my recordings, I found that my machine couldn't handle it. It was really a disappointment. I thought my machine was pretty decent. I can play most games (if not all) on High graphical settings, with MWO being played on Medium. Regardless, I'll try and scavenge the money needed to upgrade. Hopefully then I can do nice Let's Plays!

Anyway, I hope this year has been good for you too. Being an Aussie and living in a +10GMT zone, I'll be in the new year a few hours ahead of you guys.

And so; I bid you a Happy New Year!! Cya on the other side!

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