Saturday, 14 December 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Clans!!

Who's SUPER STOKED!! I know I am! Oh wait, why am I super stoked? Check the title! The invasion is coming!

PGI have finally announced and have all the Clan Mechs up for Pre-Order!! The Clan Mechs we'll be getting are: Kit Fox (Uller), Adder (Puma), Nova (Black Hawk), Stormcrow (Ryoken), Summoner (Thor), Timber Wolf (Mad Cat), Warhawk (Masakari) and Dire Wolf (Daishi)!!

Truly, my loyalties are now at conflict!! Will I convert to a Clanner or stay loyal to the Inner Sphere? Regardless, who cares about text!! IMAGES!!!

Is there any 1 Clan Mech I'm looking most forward to? Nope; I'm super stoked for all of em!! Now all I need to do is find someway of getting my hands on $240!!

Note: The $240 Collection has about $500 worth of goodies!! What a perfect Christmas present ay?


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