Friday, 6 December 2013

MechWarrior: Online - Oxide Released and Build

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Well, I was expecting and hoping for a Hunchback HeroMech, but instead got a damn Light Mech. I personally don't see much point in Light Mechs... I just hate them. Then again, this is coming from the dude who cannot really pilot a Light Mech well. I am a Medium/Heavy Mech Pilot after all :P

Regardless, the Jenner HeroMech has finally arrived!! It's known as "Oxide". Now there's something very entertaining about this HeroMech, and it's the "Pay-to-Win" controversy. I'll let you in on a secret. This HeroMech is not remotely Pay-to-Win.

PGI; for all their negatives, have done one thing really, really, really super well, and it's making sure the HeroMechs are not Pay-to-Win. Truth be told, the standard variants are generally better than the HeroMechs. That's still the case with this Oxide.

The Oxide has merely 4 Missile Hardpoints and 1 AMS Hardpoint. That's practically it. It has no Jump Jets to speak of. It's practically a Commando in Jenner's clothing.

If PGI wanted to make the Oxide OP and "Pay-to-Win", then this thing would have Jump Jets and 2 extra Energy Hardpoints (giving it 6 Hardpoints in total like all the other Jenners).

JR7-O "Streaker" (XL300, 4x SSRM2 & BAP)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link]

Role: Harasser
Speed: 138.9 kph
Firepower: 20
Cost: 5.7 mil and 2625 MC (Approximately)

Weapon Groups
Primary Weapon Group: All 4 SSRM2s (Chain Fire)
Secondary Weapon Group: All 4 SSRM2s

I don't even need to play test this. This build is good. I know how much 4 SSRM2s can hurt. I've easily scored 900+ damage with them! Have a Lance with 4 of these and just watch the Enemy cry a river of tears.

My only gripe about this Jenner, is that it cannot have any Jump Jets; not even 1!

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