Monday, 10 March 2014

Imperial Knights Super Awesomeness

I'm not exactly late to the party; I'm not even here to report about the release of the super awesome Imperial Knights!! I'm here to share my thoughts and literally advertise the Imperial Knights!!

Well free advertisement really. Seriously, I super dig these new Imperial Knights!! They're the most badass thing I've seen so far!! Not only do these models look simply fantastic, they're super powerful to boot! If you've read the Codex or the White Dwarf, you'll see their rules. There's only 2 Imperial Knights unfortunately; but who care's about diverseness, you just need pure awesomeness.

Sometimes, you only need the most basic of units to be really effective in a game. Why bother with all the fancy upgrades, just keep your army to a bear minimum and overpower your enemy, like Necrons! Necrons don't need much in the way of upgrades for their troops. Just take several squads of Immortals and you're set!

Same applies to the Imperial Knights!! You can only have a maximum of 6 (if I remember correctly), so you should split your forces between the (currently only) 2 Imperial Knights! Personally I'd go for something like 3 Knight Paladins and 3 Knight Errants; or possibly 4
Knight Paladins and 2 Knight Errants! Truth be told, I don't think  they have any upgrades, so it matters not; you really don't need any upgrades I reckon.

It would've been nice if they released other Imperial Knight rules in the Codex. Like the Knight Crusaders and Knight Castellans!! A Knight Lancer even!! I would've so loved to see rules for all these Imperial Knights; but oh well, least we have 2!!

Lore-wise, the Imperial Knights have a very vast story behind them! Which I absolutely love!! The Idea of Freeblades and each Knight being so individual!! I dunno, I just love that! You can easily "make up" your own Knightly House or Freeblade, and incorporate that into any Campaign! Even during the Horus Heresy times even! There's that much freedom!!

You aren't tied down to anything that inhibits you from including your own personal Knight! Let's face it, you've probably created/converted a character that personifies yourself so you can include that into any given story!

Personifying yourself as an Imperial Knight? You're gonna do it; you're even gonna paint it to your own personal colours with your own personal heraldry! I know that's what I'm gonna do. Once I save up enough cash, I'll be picking one up and definitely painting it up to represent myself on the battlefield!!

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