Friday, 7 March 2014

MechWarrior: Online - Banshee BNC-3E Build Idea

Welp the HeroMech Banshee "La Malinche" has been released!! Totally AWESOME!! Well maybe not the HeroMech, but the fact we get the Banshee!! I was really hoping it'll be the Banshee. After all, it is one of the few 95 Ton Mechs; and we were missing one.

Then again, I've never really liked the Banshee much. It was utter crap due to its underarmed-ness. No matter, MWO will rectify that by adding additional Hardpoints!!

I was expecting and begging for PGI to include the BNC-3E, as it was not only featured in the original TRO Book, but because it's the original Banshee (least in my eyes). I was also expecting it to have at least 3 Ballistic and 3 Energy Hardpoints!! My prayers have been answered!!

BNC-3E "Assault Suppressor" (STD350, 3x AC/2, 3x ML, AMS & CASE)

Smurfy MechLab: [Link] 

Role: Assault/Suppressor
Speed: 59.7 kph 
Firepower: 21
Armour: 480
Cost: N/A

Weapon Groups 
Primary Weapon Group: All 3 AC/2s
Secondary Weapon Group: All 3 Medium Lasers

Alright, I understand that this Mech hasn't been released yet, but as soon as it, this is what I'll be going for. As the Banshee is an Assault Mech; I expect it to follow the same rules as an Assault Mech (i.e. XL Engine is simply suicide).

I made sure to put everything into the Torsos, as the Arms are simply there to be blown off (and used as shields). They lack practically all armour, as really, I don't see much point in having boatloads of armour in an area that is weaponless (like the Centurion's Shield lacks practically any form of armour).

I should really put 1 Medium Laser in the Head for Zombie-ness... but symmetry dude!! We must be obsessed with symmetry like Death the Kid!!

BTW; I always wanted an Assault Mech with triple AC/2s after the success of my triple AC/2 Shadow Hawk!!

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