Monday, 31 March 2014

Music 'of the Month'

'of the Month' is a new segment where I basically spotlight 'Something Awesome'. This will happen on the last day of each month (seems more appropriate to have it at the end than the start).

So what is 'Something Awesome'? Well 'Something Awesome' can range from Artists, Music, Movies, Games and anything else that is worth mentioning! If you know 'Something Awesome' that should be mentioned on my Blog, then just share it in the comments!

'Something Awesome' this month is:

JubyPhonic is simply AWESOME!! ♪ Truly; she is!! See, she sings Vocaloid songs; or rather sings the English Covers of Vocaloid songs.

Truth be told, Vocaloid is extremely difficult to get into, especially coming from and English speaking background such as myself. Least, it's difficult to get into. But thanks to listening to Juby's English Covers of various Vocaloid songs; I'm basically listening to the original version as well. It's a good way to slowly get into Vocaloid.

I'd say more; but there's really not much to say, other than to sing AWESOME!!

Here are a few of my favourites; Check it out, right meow!!

Check out her Facebook page:

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